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Why Are the Supreme Court Judges Trying to Stop People From Criticizing Their ‘Bias’ Judgement By ‘Threatening With Contempt’?



Why Is the Supreme Court Trying to Stop People From Criticizing Their 'Bias' Judgement By 'Threatening With Contempt'?

The court can’t stop citizens from expressing their views on its judgments or rulings by raising the contempt bar to gag level.

That isn’t justice. Citizens have the right to think they (Supreme court judges) biased. Ghanaians know “bias” when we see it.

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Which parts of the Constitution or laws say that thinking the court is biased and expressing the same is contemptuous and punishable? If our Constitution and laws say so then we better throw them into a bin and restart everything.

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The Judiciary is being autocratic and we mustn’t allow that to happen. We all know what got some people in trouble in 2013. Not mere disagreements with the court. Even that some disagreed with the court. If we can disagree with the Executive and Parliament and express our disagreement as harshly as we could, what makes the Judiciary different? A special arm of Government with extraordinary power to gag citizens?

Were we expecting citizens to just watch the proceedings without critiquing and forming their own opinions? Many citizens think our Judiciary is very corrupt, hence, they would rather not take their disputes there. This is no secret, the Judiciary is aware.

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Some citizens, about half the nation, believe the Judiciary is in bed with the President. Whether that’s true or not, that’s what they think. And, no judicial directives can cure it.

What’s important is that they would deliver their mandate on the altar of a clean conscience, and in unity with the Supreme Being, who they represent among men.

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Nevertheless, regardless of what anybody thinks, nobody has the right to attack the Judiciary or its members physically or verbally.

Like Nana Akufo-Addo did in 2013, we all can disagree with their ruling but abide by it because it’s automatically a law unto us. Or, we could applaud it.

When we applaud them and their rulings is there no punishment for us?

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