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We’ll Make Things Better: Bawumia Reveals



Gold For Imported Oil: Bawumia Unveils Historic New Government Policy

The government’s ability to reverse the current economic crisis has been given new life by Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Invoking Isaiah 40:31 from the Bible, the Vice President asserted that the NPP administration will work to ensure that the economy recovers with fresh vigor and hope in the Lord.

On that note, he iterated as follows: “As children of God, there will always be moments of hopelessness, despair, doubt, fear, and uncertainty but our hope in God is always our source of strength and motivation in these periods.” 


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The Vice President provided reassurance while addressing the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Tema Community 1’s 70th-anniversary celebration.

Although he acknowledged Ghana’s economic challenges yet he provided assurances to Ghanaians saying:

“We will ride this storm. As your government, we do recognize the difficulties and uncertainty we are experiencing in our country but with renewed strength and hope in the word of the Lord.

We are forever confident that we will ride this storm and turn things around to the glory of our Lord.”


So dear lovely readers, what are your thoughts on this? Is it another false promise, or does the vice president really mean it this time?

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Stay tuned for more interesting news updates.

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