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‘View Once’ Function On WhatsApp Might Be Extended To Text Messages



'View Once' Function On WhatsApp Might Be Extended To Text Messages

The “View Once” function of WhatsApp, which presently enables you to send images and movies that vanish after the recipient views them, may eventually support traditional text-based messages as well.

The most recent beta of WhatsApp’s Android app reportedly has evidence of the unreleased functionality, which could one day allow users to transmit messages that can only be seen once before dissipating into thin air.

The new option may one day be helpful for sharing sensitive information that you don’t want a recipient to have continuing access to, like a password or credit card numbers, similar to the present “View Once” feature.

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In fact, WhatsApp cited the situation of someone sending a photo of their Wi-Fi login information as an example of when it might be useful when announcing the launch of View Once for images and videos.

As a matter of fact, WhatsApp currently has a disappearing messages function that enables you to specify a time after which all messages exchanged in a chat should vanish.

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'View Once' Function On WhatsApp Might Be Extended To Text Messages

The new “View Once” option, however, would only apply to a single message as opposed to the entirety of a discussion, and it would make a message disappear immediately after viewing rather than after a certain amount of time.

According to WABetaInfo, the feature may eventually be available through a button in the app that features the conventional send message logo in addition to a padlock.

However, this design might change before it is formally launched because the feature is still under development and isn’t even accessible to beta testers yet.

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The most recent version of WhatsApp’s program now restricts users from taking screenshots of views once media, but it’s not clear if this security will be extended to text messages.

It’s unclear when or even if the future feature will be made publicly accessible because a WhatsApp spokeswoman declined to comment on WABetaInfo’s report on it.


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