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TOTAL DISRESPECT: Young Girl Humiliates Ghana’s First Lady Rebecca Akuffo Addo in a Framed Photograph



A picture circulating on Social media has seen the first lady of Ghana her excellency Rebecca Akuffo Addo receiving an image of her which was drawn by an unknown young girl who is reported to be a fanatic of the first lady.

With passion geared and the zeal to achieve her dreams as an artiste, the young girl presented a caricature image she drew claiming to be the first lady Rebecca Akuffo Addo.

The picture framed nicely has since been the talk of town looking at the image and its resemblances to the first lady.

Upon critical analysis, many people think the first lady went too low by accepting the framed image at her office and even bringing it to the public domain.

Watch the picture below and do your assessment.

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