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This Video Shows How EC Is Compiling Anti-Voltarians Register (Watch)



This Video Shows How EC Is Compiling Anti-Voltarians Register (Watch)
Very troubling videos coming in from Banda in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana and other parts of our country show military men preventing Voltarians living in those townships from registring for the voter ID card.
What will it take for some folks to understand that the EC is compiling a Voters Register and not an anti-Voltarians Register?
We should be striving to protect our nationhood and enviable national cohesion not driving a wedge between us.
In one of the videos available to this news portal, Voltarians who live and work in the Banda district were asked by the military men to step out of the queue for registration to continue.
Narrating the ordeal, the assembly member, Mr. Okobiaba Nana noted that the people they are preventing to register have been living in Banda since 1990 and they even have their own chief in their community.
”They live and work in Banda, married Banda people and Some of them also got married to Banda people and they have been voting in Banda during every election time so I don’t understand why the EC and government are preventing them from registering”, he said.
Now the question is, are Akans, Fantis, Nzemas or people from any tribe prevented to register for the Voters ID in Volta Region or any other region they live and work in?
Watch the video below;
Is the EC indeed compiling an anti-Voltarians Voter Register?
We are all one people with a common destiny. The enemy is poverty, unemployment, disease, superstition, corruption and lack of visionary leadership; not the guy from another ethnic group.
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