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The Re-branding Nature of Ghanaians



the re-branding nature of ghanaians

The Re-branding Nature of Ghanaians

In every part of the world, naming ceremonies are a common activity right after the birth of a child. In more recent times where pregnancy scans  can even tell the parents the sex of their unborn children, a name is already conceived long before the baby is delivered.
Similarly, every new business, product or institution also goes through the same naming process,ask me how?
The big names such as KFC,Coca Cola, Goil among many others are names of big brands in the market that produce peculiar goods and services to consumers. But in our part of the world,when many of such brands become a household name,they seem difficult to leave the minds and lips of Ghanaians to the extent that, any similar or competing company, product or institution ends up a “re-branded” version of the popular brand thanks to Ghanaians.
It is amazing to note that almost every toothpaste is called Pepsodent, even when it may be a brand like close up, oral B,Anitadent or Colgate it will be easily called Pepsodent by the average Ghanaian.
How many times have you told the storekeeper across your street that you want Milo, when actually your mind is on Richoco? funny right? This renaming may sometimes be unconscious though.
Now for folks living in Accra, it is easy for you to call your district assembly A.M.A, which is the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, yet you may be under the LEKMA,Krowor Municipal Assembly, or any other.
Anyways, the rebranding and renaming habit is one of the things that makes Ghana interesting, the way we type ‘Congrats” instead of Congratulations, “tanks” for thanks, “geng” instead of gang among others.

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I am sure your mind has been inundated by several other overgeneralised brands in Ghana already! Share yours in the comment section below!

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