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The Ghanaian Government Advances To Increase LEAP Grant



The Ghanaian Government Moves To Increase The LEAP Grant

The Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) grant value per household is being increased by the government.

The increase is anticipated to have a better effect on beneficiary households than the previous amount.

This information was provided to the Ghana News Agency in an interview with Mr. Colson Akanbasiam, LEAP Management Secretariat’s Head of Communications, on Monday in Accra.

According to him, the grant’s worth had been a big worry for the Secretariat, partners, and beneficiaries because it was so low, had depreciated over time, and had no discernible effect on the recipients’ lives.

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He claimed that there were four sorts of grants given to the beneficiary households.

These include vulnerable and orphaned youngsters, seniors (65 and older) living alone, people with severe disabilities who are unable to work, and very impoverished pregnant or nursing moms with young children.

He stated as follows:

“If one category of them is identified in a household, it qualifies the household to receive GHc 64.00. If two categories are identified in one household, the household receives GHc 76.00. If three, the household qualifies to get GHc 88.00, and if there are four or above, GHc 106.00.”

Mr.Akanbasiam claimed that the grant only accounted for less than 16 percent of household consumption, despite the fact that by international standards, any cash transfer program must have a grant that accounts for at least 20% of household consumption in order to be considered highly effecive.

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“But it is also a question of the fiscal space of the Government of Ghana and donors. Commitments are very high, enough data has been provided to prove to the point that the value of the grant has depreciated in view of the economic situation, inflation, and cost of living.

And that is why all partners are committed to making sure that there would be an increase, ” he emphasized.

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