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3 Ways to check if hackers can access your email account



3 Ways to check if hackers can access your email account

Hackers these days have succeeded in carving an infamous reputation for themselves worldwide. Their activities in the last two decades makes internet security very crucial as far as any online activity is concerned. Top Tech players such as Facebook and Linkedin have had a fair share of website breaches.

The effect of these breaches cannot be over emphasised. The main motivation  is money or ransom payment where hackers harvest userdata such as usernames and passwords and auction it on the dark web unbeknown to the hacked victim. However, I believe most the dangerous group of hackers are those who do it for fun.  They get satisfaction from successfully launching Denial of Service(DoS) attacks on websites hosting account and stealing email account details to harvest debit or credit card information among other things. So you see, the bottom line is money after all.

How do I secure my email account

The truth is that, you can never be too careful. The hackers becoming more sophisticated every other day. However some safety precautions can be taken to ensure you login credentials are not in the public domain. A rule of thumb is that, if you can remember your username and  password, then it can definitely be hacked. Hackers often have the resources to conduct brute force guesses and may be successful at cracking your login details.

Cyber security expert often advice unsuspecting users to avoid using names of relatives and birthdays as login details. This is because such details can easily be sourced from social media accounts and offers hackers more chances of cracking your password by brute force.

It is often advised users constantly check if websites they have accounts with have been breached recently? We will discuss how to do that in the next section.

The use of verified auto generating passwords is also useful to acquire passwords that cannot be cracked by brute force.

According to experts,  one of the the best ways to  protect yourself online is to use unique and strong  passwords for every account such that even if your data is still secured  for other sites even one site is compromised.

How to check if hackers can access your email account

1.  Check if your email account has ever be ‘pwned’

‘pwned’ pronounced as pawned in the internet security circle is used as a slang for breached or compromised. This can be done on Troy Hunt’s haveibeenpwned website  who is a  Microsoft Regional Director.

This website is a free resource which has record of breached data popular website where users can quickly check by inputting their email address as shown in the below and then instantly returns result such as ‘Oh no — pwned! which means your password might have been compromised in recent data breach if you havent changed it since the last time the breach occurred.  Result which say Good news — no pwnage found! may suggest you are safe from recent data breaches.

See below some the top breaches in history. If you have accounts with them and havent changed your credentials for a very long time. you may have been ‘pwned’ and need to act fast.

2. Check the estimated time your password can be cracked

There are  varying views from experts on how to secure you password from hackers but the truth is there is no surest single way to go by for in as much as top players such as LinkedIn, Adobe and Facebook have been ‘pwned’ before, it is rather easy to hack unsuspecting users who rely on the top directly or indirectly rely on the top players for securing their details.

An inexpensive and free way is to check how secure your password is by using Mark Wales’ estimated time to crack pasword website from his small Hadron Collider Project. This website gives the time a computer can take to crack your password in as low as nanoseconds!. As can be send a password such ‘enewsghana’ can be cracked in estimated time shown below!

Check how secure your password is

You are further given options on how to streghthen your password. Users are to note that  ‘these site is for educational use and also the developers mention that due to limitations of the technology involved, the results cannot always be accurate. Also tested password are not sent  the internet.

3. Test the complexity of your password

The use of tools to assist with making your password exist  and users need to take advantage of it to stay safe online. Many of such tools exist which are paid services. But my favourite free online tool for generating my password is the password generation tool  which offers users to create passwords from 6(weak) to 2048(unbelievable)! characters while meeting 9 stringent conditions. The website further gives you 39 tips on how to prevent hackers from cracking your credentials.

secure your password generator - enenewsghana

1password is also a useful website which autogenerates complex websites but free offer is only for 30 days and has the addesd advantage of being integrated with most websites so all passwords can be controlled at one place.

Macbooks normally suggest auto generating passwords which is strongly recommended.


In conclusion, data breaches is a matter of great concern these days an online users must make conscious effort not to fall victim of these hackers and gain satisfaction from stealing peoples data. In short using the checks provided above, one can likely generate a robust login credentials which will be be a great pain for hackers to crack by the combination of know methods such as brute force or dictionary attack method and social engineering.

Before you fall victim make sure, you are using a variety of characters, password length is not short, is not just a word!
Users can also opt for password managers which are being patronised lately, These include dashlane website which allows you to securely store upto 50 passwords on the free plan.

Stay safe online.




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US, Ghana Armed Forces partner to combat cybersecurity



US, Ghana Armed Forces partner to combat cybersecurity

The Government of Ghana and the United States’ African Command (AFRICOM) have teamed up to organise a symposium that is geared towards developing strategies and deepening collaborative efforts to fight cyber threats facing Ghana and other countries in the sub-region.

The symposium, which is the 14th edition to be organised by the AFRICOM and 3rd to be hosted by Ghana, is being attended by participants from 48 countries as well as regional organisations like African Union and Economic Community of West African States.

Addressing the gathering at the opening ceremony of the event expected to take place in Accra from Sunday 18th August to Friday 23rd August, Albert Kan-Dapaah, Minister for National Security bemoaned the challenges Ghana’s Armed Forces like that of other countries in the sub-region, have had collaborating and developing systems to address cyber threats.

“The challenges attached with interoperability among our militaries persist in spite of threats of cyber security which transcend national borders with propensity to affect international peace and security. I, therefore, urge you to take the opportunity to foster greater collaboration, build capacity for both human and system interoperability as you strategise on confronting insecurity in our region” the National Security Minister averred.

The National Security Minister stressed the relevance of such a collaborative exercise between the Ghana Armed Forces and the US AFRICOM, particularly, at a time when the government considers technology and digitisation an essential component of its transformational agenda.

He, therefore, directed that the various militaries gathered, particularly, Ghana’s should exchange ideas with their colleagues so as to fashion out solutions and compelling systems that will enhance and boost government’s digitisation efforts while creating a safe medium for seamless collaboration among stakeholders.

“It will interest you all to know that the government of Ghana has embarked on a ‘Digital Ghana Agenda’ that seeks to digitise government services, leading to the digitisation of the Ghanaian economy,” he disclosed.

He further advanced, “The impact of such programmes have had on national development cannot be overemphasised. Stakeholders in the technology sector have been assured of Government’s commitment to the digitisation agenda, and encouraged to partner Government as she pushes for a digitally-aware population.”

The summit dubbed, Africa Endeavor, is an annual senior leader communications symposium designed to help develop multinational communications practices for peacekeeping, disaster response and counterterrorism missions mandated by the African Union and the United Nations.

In his speech, US Charge d’Affaires, Chritopher Lamora observed that the upsurge in technological developments have exposed several countries to the threats of cyber crimes and criminals.

“Every technological advancement in history has presented new opportunities and challenges and the internet is no exception. Cyber-enabled threats have proliferated as our systems have become more and more interconnected. These threats range from state-sponsored attempts to target major critical infrastructure to the use of ransomware by cybercriminals to extort a single individual or hold hostage sensitive information” Ambassador Lamora asserted.

The Charge d’Affaires suggested that, “National Cyber Strategies must be tailored to each nation’s own realities, aspirations and goals. But in developing those strategies, all governments benefit seeking input from the private sector and civil society. This includes educating citizens and industry representatives about their own important roles in protecting cyber systems”


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Introduce smart phones for teaching in SHS – Prof. Koomson appeals to government



Introduce smart phones for teaching in SHS - Prof. Koomson appeals to government

The Principal of the Seventh-Day Adventist College of Education (SDACOE) at Asokore in the Eastern Region, Professor William Koomson, has suggested the use of smartphones for teaching and learning in senior high schools (SHSs).

He has also proposed to the government to allow SDACOE to create a centre for teaching using smartphone technology.

Professor Koomson made the suggestion at the 11th congregation of SDACOE during which 403 students passed out with a Diploma in Basic Education.

Ten of the students obtained first class, 111 had second class upper, 178 had second class lower, 82 had third class while 22 had passes.

Explaining the rationale for the suggestion, Prof. Koomson said there were quality educational resources in print, audio, video and other forms and smartphones could be easily used to access such materials.

Breakfast Meeting

“Regular assessment will be possible via online platforms and students with lots of assignments will be given time to submit each assignment which can be done via their smartphones using WhatsApp, Twitter and others,” Prof. Koomson added.

He, therefore, called for the training of teachers and lecturers in smartphone technology to be able to handle the situation.

Licensure Examination

With regard to the licensing of Ghanaian teachers, he said, their certificates would be recognised in any part of the world and praised the government for that initiative.

He called on the government to improve on resourcing colleges of education to make them stronger to partner with established public universities for the proposed three-year period.

The Executive Secretary of the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABTEX), Mrs Sheila Naa-Boamah, who represented the Minister of State in charge of Tertiary Education, Professor Kwasi Yankah, advised the newly qualified teachers to care, inspire and nurture the young ones to be placed under their care and that they must exhibit the highest standard and ideals of the teaching profession.

She was hopeful that with their Adventist training background, they would live up to expectation.

Focus on goals

In his address, the Chief Executive of the Svaniker Group of Companies, Mr Thomas Svaniker, urged the graduands to be time-conscious and focus on their goals to succeed in life.

For his part, Dr Sam Awuku, an educational consultant and old student of the college, urged the new teachers to be creative and help mould the character of pupils entrusted in their care.

On behalf of the graduands, Mr Benjamin Apraku Mensah expressed appreciation to the college and parents for their support.

Mr Svaniker later donated a vehicle (van) to the college and also pledged to provide them with a generator.


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Ghana Innovation Hub to host Innovate Ghana Conference



Ghana Innovation Hub to host Innovate Ghana Conference

Ghana’s undoubtedly numéro un  Hub, Ghana Innovation Hub is set to host the maiden edition of  Innovate Ghana Conference dubbed “#innov8GH Conference”.

The three (3) days Innovation Conference which is scheduled on the 24th, 25th and 26th of July 2019 is purposely created for entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Interestingly, The #innov8GH conference which will be held at the Ghana Innovation Hub (Accra Digital Center) is open to all and free of charge. There is no registration process. You can Feel free to join to check out the space, network, join the sessions of your interest and meet like-minded people at their sponsored daily networking cocktail. At other times during the conference, food and drinks will be available for purchase at the 1Hive – in-house restaurant located inside the hub.

Ghana Innovation Hub together with the World Bank, Ghana Telecom University college, Ministry of communication, MDF WEST AFRICA and BlueSpace Africa as partners have designed favourable sessions of time and days to suit the interest of all participants.



The Ghana Innovation hub being the center of Excellence has a strong Vision of nurturing the next generation of innovators by providing a physical working space as well as business development services, investment matchmaking and ecosystem support.




You developing your idea or looking for inspiration for new product or service development for your existing business. You can join one of our workshops, networking events or short course to develop the right ideas. Our goal is to develop your idea or first business model.



You are developing your idea into business model and/or testing the assumption in your business model in the market. You can join our incubation programs or apply for coaching to further build your product service, team and business model. Our goal is to find product market fit.


You have developed your minimum viable product (MVP) and are generating substantial revenues through your customers. You can join one of our acceleration programs to quip your business for growth for investment. Our goal is to grow and scale the business.


The Ghana Innovation Hub  have the most affordable ultra-modern state of the art offices facilities. That is, co-working space, meeting rooms, board rooms event and training space for rentals. Our offices come with a free WIFI, WATER and ELECTRICITY and is open to Entrepreneurs, start-ups and the general public especially tech related businesses. We provide discounts on all our services to suit your demand.

*Co-working space.

*Private offices.

*Brainstorm Room.

*Board rooms.

*Meeting rooms.

*A training and events space.

*A coffee corner for drinks, snacks and catering(1hive).

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