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Stop Supervising illegalities at Creative Arts Agency – FOCAP Tells Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture



The Foundation Of Concerned Arts Professionals(FOCAP) is disappointed in the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and culture for supervising the illegalities currently going on at the creative Arts Agency.

FOCAP learnt with dismay, that the Creative Arts Agency is currently operating with Gyankroma Akuffo Addo as it’s Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for which she is currently going out of her way to form committees that borders on industry.

We believe that the right things must be done in order to see the industry move forward.

The respect for laws and Acts should be the utmost concern of industry players for all of us win.

FOCAP believes that it’s improper, unprofessional and shameful for The Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture to superintend over such illegalities when we have an Act of Parliament in place i.e. Act 1048 of 2020

The industry have had interim boards since September 2016 when the Creative Arts Agency was initiated and it will be completely suicidal to continue having interims and Acting Members after the law had been passed under A state of emergency.

The Law clearly states the procedure with which the Board and the Executives must be constituted and we’ll request that the Minister expedites the necessary actions to see the Act fully operational for the full benefit of Industry.

We are also urging industry players to continue to fight for proper structural reforms.

Kojo Preko Dankwa
President – 0550077040

Enoch Agyepong
Vice President, Research- 0244712136

Mel Kwesi Davis
Vice President- 0246550298.

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