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Ronaldo’s Gesture Sparks Controversy, Saudi Lawyer Calls for Deportation (+VIDEO)



Saudi Lawyer Nouf has called for the deportation of football icon Cristiano Ronaldo after he made an insulting gesture during Al-Nassr’s defeat to Al-Ittihad on Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Nouf labeled Ronaldo’s act as a crime and called for the Manchester United legend’s arrest and deportation.

Ronaldo grabbed his crotch in response to fans who taunted him by chanting Lionel Messi’s name as he was leaving the pitch after the disappointing defeat. The incident was caught on video and went viral on social media platforms, sparking outrage among fans and critics alike.

In a tweet, Nouf said, “It is considered a crime of public dishonor, and it is one of the crimes that entails arrest and deportation if committed by a foreigner.

I will file a complaint to the Saudi Prosecutor’s Office for his crime of public indecency.”

See his post below:

Ronaldo’s behavior during the game was not the first of its kind. He was initially booked during the game after head-locking Al-Hilal’s Al-Faraj in a tussle.

His actions were deemed aggressive and unsportsmanlike, and they attracted a lot of criticism from fans and football pundits alike.

The Portuguese international had a game to forget as his side lost 2-0 at the King Fahd International Stadium. Ronaldo’s actions have put him at risk of facing legal action in Saudi Arabia, a country with strict laws on public behavior and decency.

It remains to be seen whether the Saudi authorities will take any action against the football star, but the incident has once again highlighted the need for athletes to show professionalism and respect on and off the field.

This incident has sparked a debate on social media about the use of vulgar gestures during sporting events. Fans have called for stricter penalties for such behavior, with many condemning Ronaldo’s actions as unacceptable.

In conclusion, Ronaldo’s behavior during the game has put him in hot water with Saudi authorities, and he may face legal action for his actions.

This incident highlights the need for athletes to show professionalism and respect on and off the field, as their actions can have far-reaching consequences.

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