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The Re-branding Nature of Ghanaians



the re-branding nature of ghanaians

The Re-branding Nature of Ghanaians

In every part of the world, naming ceremonies are a common activity right after the birth of a child. In more recent times where pregnancy scans  can even tell the parents the sex of their unborn children, a name is already conceived long before the baby is delivered.
Similarly, every new business, product or institution also goes through the same naming process,ask me how?
The big names such as KFC,Coca Cola, Goil among many others are names of big brands in the market that produce peculiar goods and services to consumers. But in our part of the world,when many of such brands become a household name,they seem difficult to leave the minds and lips of Ghanaians to the extent that, any similar or competing company, product or institution ends up a “re-branded” version of the popular brand thanks to Ghanaians.
It is amazing to note that almost every toothpaste is called Pepsodent, even when it may be a brand like close up, oral B,Anitadent or Colgate it will be easily called Pepsodent by the average Ghanaian.
How many times have you told the storekeeper across your street that you want Milo, when actually your mind is on Richoco? funny right? This renaming may sometimes be unconscious though.
Now for folks living in Accra, it is easy for you to call your district assembly A.M.A, which is the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, yet you may be under the LEKMA,Krowor Municipal Assembly, or any other.
Anyways, the rebranding and renaming habit is one of the things that makes Ghana interesting, the way we type ‘Congrats” instead of Congratulations, “tanks” for thanks, “geng” instead of gang among others.

I am sure your mind has been inundated by several other overgeneralised brands in Ghana already! Share yours in the comment section below!

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5 Facts about NAM 1 being Declared Wanted by Interpol you Must Know



5 facts about NAM 1 being declared wanted by Interpol you must know

5 Facts about NAM 1 being Declared Wanted by Interpol you Must Know

In the last couple of days, there have been a hue and cry about Nana Appiah Mensah was otherwise known as NAM 1 not being on INTERPOL’s public website but a security person who has worked with the body for more than three decades has unveiled facts that may not be known to many which is why they are making such comments.

He disclosed to on grounds of strict anonymity issues about how INTERPOL operates is highly restricted, since it is an international security body hence cannot give all details about its mechanisms to the public.

“However, we can say that like all security institutions, and even public ones, there is the public website and the restricted one”

1. INTERPOL does not just publish a person because a country says that person is wanted. There are rules for putting people on the wanted list, be it public or otherwise.

2. For very good reasons, not all persons who are on INTERPOL’s wanted list are on the public website. For security reasons, we cannot go into details about all of that.

3. What I can say, however, is that Ghana has requested that NAM 1  should be declared at the INTERPOL level as a wanted person and thankfully that request has been granted. It means that he is very likely to be stopped anytime he tries to cross the borders of any of the 194 member countries.

4. Once he is stopped, then the process of bringing him back to face trial will be triggered. (They cannot give all the details).

5. Moreover, we want to assure the public that INTERPOL is not the ONLY way by which a wanted person is returned to the country where he is wanted. The Ghana Police service has triggered all the processes (which again cannot put into the public domain because of their international nature, and they know international security matters are highly confidential).


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Tijaaniyyah Sufi Islam – A Perspective



Tijaaniyyah Sufi Islam - A Perspective

The Tijaaniyah muslim sect which is based on the tenets of Sufism is one of the largest religious sects in Ghana and Africa as a whole. It is widely practised worldwide. However the concept of Sufism which the Tijaaniyah strongly upholds is often misunderstood or unappreciated to say the least.

It is against this background that  Brother Al-Amin Al-Hassan(Image Inset: Al-Amin Al-Hassan (left)  with Sheikh Abdul Malik Ibrahim Niass (right), son of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass of Kaolack) expounds the concept of Tijaaniyah Sufi Islam.

Sufism itself is an Islamic mysticism that emphasizes introspection and spiritual closeness to God. Sufism is a spiritual dimension which focuses on meditation and chanting sessions (to enable one’s heart to open).

The Tijaaniyah Sufi  order forms part of other Sufi orders globally, all generally premised on the values of:

1: Istigfaar(seeking forgiveness from Allah)

2: Swalaatu alaa Nabbiyi(blessing the name of the Prophet)

3: Laa ilaaha illah Llaaha(reaffirming Allah’s oneness)

These values are all grounded in ahaadith and the Quran. But why they resonate with Sufism is that they are done as litanies (awraad) in dedicated committed forms.

Sheikh Ahmad Tijaani (RTA) described Sufism as carrying out the Divine command and avoiding that which has been prohibited externally and internally with regards to what pleases Allah.

Clearly, this is achieved through azkaar (remembrances) and awraad(litanies).

For earthly benefits, well, it should be understood that Sufism is a sort of ‘overtime’ type of servitude. It is done in addition to a Sufi’s Islamic religious obligations.

Benefits include that, by understanding and achieving closeness to God one loses the earthly focus and rigidity in faith. Sufi’s are generally content and tolerant of views.

As a brotherhood, there’s a great sense of community among Sufis, as they seek to help one another and extend service to communities in which they live.

Religiously, Tijaaniya is completely in conformance with Shari’a Muhammadiyyah; anything more is not. So adherents of Tijaaniya Sufi Islam are the first to subscribe to Shari’a Muhamadiyyah, as Mawlaanaa Sheikh Tijaani himself declared: if you hear something from me measure it against Shari’a. Anything in conformity, use it; anything at variance, ignore it( paraphrased).

Commitment to daily litanies and remembrances (zikir) of Allah give benefits in being close to Allah; the continual search for self and Allah leads to upholding Islamic values and hence, better as a Muslim.

Sufis, with continuous incantation of Istigfaar(penitence) are better positioned to gain Allah’s forgiveness.

Reciting Swalaat to the prophet in Sufism is seen as Allah’s commamd (Quran, 33:56) especially in the Tijaaniya order. How else to benefit than do exactly in multi folds that which Allah has commanded, and doing it as a lifelong commitment in the view that, as human, you can’t count your sins, and so your seeking of forgiveness must be perpetual.

As for what Sufis aspire in the hereafter, they generally reserve that to Allah. If they seek closeness to Him and He grants it, He surely won’t forget them here and on the day of judgment. That’s why Sufi practices are over and above prescribed routines.

Allah knows best, and and may He grant us further appreciation of His knowledge.

Article Submitted By: Brother Al-Amin Al-Hassan – (Bradford – UK)

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New Year Craze and Resolutions



enewsghana-newyear-resolution-1It is already the new year, but It seems it was just yesterday when we were awakened by the shocking news of Ebony Reign’s painful death, not forgetting her friends Franky Kuri and Atsu Vondee the Military man who all perished in that motor accident that threw the nation into perpetual mourning.
Wow!, all that was in February and already we are in December, and 2018 is slowly melting like a midnight candle and gradually giving way to the birth of 2019.
But my wahala is the fact that we are in that time of the year where people are looking forward to the new year with great expectations and plans. Some have already set up new year resolutions and psyched themselves up to embrace a new approach to life in 2019 and blah! blah! blah!
Some Christian folks will also sort themselves out at their Churches and throw prayer bullets at ‘Abonsam’, chaii! Satan taya give me oo lol’.
But Charley, let’s face the fact, how many of us are able to achieve the goals set in our so called new year resolutions? It may be a Fitness goal, a dieting plan,a Business, Relationship or even a habit you planned to quit, but just how many of us are able to stay loyal throughout the 365 or something days of the year?
For me I think new year resolutions are old fashioned but are useful if only one is able to at least stick to achieving the objectives of their resolutions. This is all enveloped in one English word, COMMITMENT.
If you know thyself, that thou canst commit  and canst discipline thyself to achieve, just be yourself and keep it cool, do your best and grab opportunities you have faith in doing well at.
Do not allow the vision of others create a destination for you. Like I always try to do, just push yourself higher and be your own competition, work on your skills to do better than the year before, be confident to achieve and if ever you think of creating resolutions think of how sure you can achieve them before bothering about the whole idea, HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS.

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