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RAIN To Host Best Of Worship (BOW) Experience on 26th June



For some time now, various social media platforms have been awash with videos, flyers and posts of a Best Of Worship Experience to be hosted on Sunday 26th June, by Relevant Achievers Impacting Nations. The venue is Estees Bee Event Center at East Legon, near the under-bridge traffic light. And the time is 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Leading at the Altar of Worship are ministers like Author Ralph Antwi, Dr Leslie Quarcoopome, Spirit Wine Vessels Inc., Kofi Karikari, and Eugene Zuta. Guests attending this FREE experience are asked to carry along 25 Prayer requests to present to God at the Altar of Worship.

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One of the leading Christian organizations in Ghana as far as inter-denominational events are concerned, Rain Foundations is renowned for hosting some historic events in this country. From hosting the controversial G. Craige Lewis of Truth Behind HipHop fame in 2007 – and the first time in Africa, to hosting Dr Tumi – the South African gospel music powerhouse in 2017 – the first time in West Africa; William McDowell in a Souled Awwt concert in 2018, among hundreds of life-transforming events.

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In a year that marks its Silver anniversary celebrations, BOW EXPERIENCE is among the listed RAIN programs that are a must-attend.

Author Ralph, the founding president of RAIN has promised all guests one of their best worship experiences yet.

We will be bringing you further news about BOW EXPERIENCE and other Rain Silver anniversary programs and projects, after the event on the 26th June. Stay tuned.

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