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Public Affairs and Communications Manager By Voltic (GH) Limited



Branch Manager By First National Bank

An exciting job offer exists in Voltic (GH) Limited for a Public Affairs and Communications Manager.

Voltic (GH) Limited, has been known for manufacturing of the leading premium water brand in Ghana for over two decades.

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Currently, Voltic (GH) Limited has expanded its portfolio to cover carbonated soft drinks, Juices and Value-Added Dairies. This role reports to the Managing Director.

The job incumbent is to design and oversee the implementation of a Public Affairs and Communication strategy and plan which directly supports the commercial objectives of the local market; covering media relations, government relations, industry affairs, corporate accountability and internal communications.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

PAC Strategic & Operational Planning For In Country
• To ensure a comprehensive understanding of:
? All developments in the market that could have an impact on country’s business (e.g. regulation)
? Local stakeholders’ perceptions/expectations, the issues that underpin these views and if/how these perceptions change. Stakeholders will include: national and local government and policy-makers, NGOs, media and employees

• To use this intelligence to develop (in consultation with the PAC team) a focused strategy and plan, including
? A series of measurable objectives for:
– Managing specific issues or developments that present a regulatory and/or reputation risk to the country’s business
To ensure that the senior management team (and other functions) understand and support the PAC team’s priorities, strategy and programmes of activity

Implementation of Strategy & Plans for the Local Market
• To oversee and co-ordinate the effective implementation of the country’s PAC plan through media relations, corporate information and publications internal communications, government relations, industry affairs and corporate accountability programmes

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1. Media Relations
Ensure that the media relations programme raises the profile and builds/protects the reputation of CCBA among key media audiences; originating and distributing news, announcements and stories about company/regional events
• To ensure the country responds quickly and accurately to media enquiries, is accessible to the media 24 hours-a-day 7 days-a-week, complies with the media management protocols set out, and develops/maintains a reputation among the media as a reliable source of information
• To ensure media monitoring systems are in place and that this information is used to help inform reactive and proactive media strategies and activities
• Works closely with other functions in developing and implementing projects such as media visits, press conferences and media interviews that will help build understanding about, and reputation for, the business
• To facilitate relationships between key media targets and senior management within the country

2. Corporate Information & Publications
To ensure that country has information and publications necessary to build stakeholder awareness, understanding and reputation

3. Internal Communications
• To ensure that an internal communications programme is in place, and that it focuses on generating employee support for, and understanding of, the business objectives, and that it supports the understanding of employees role in making it happen
• To ensure that local activities, news, announcements, events and positions on key issues are communicated to employees in a timely fashion, and that they are co-ordinated with external announcements
4. Government Relations
To ensure a government relations programme that effectively manages regulatory risks through
• On-going monitoring of events, activities and policy developments in the political and regulatory environment; ensuring that emerging issues and problems are identified early and this intelligence is used effectively to inform reactive and proactive activities and plans
• Generating understanding and support for CCBA among policy makers and government officials
5. Industry Affairs
• To ensure that key trade and industry organisations/bodies (including task forces and special groups) where CCBA should be represented are identified, and that the most appropriate company representatives participate
• To ensure that the views, positions and agenda of the country are effectively represented and supported by other members of key trade and industry bodies
6. Corporate Accountability
• To ensure that company initiatives, projects and partnerships around social and/or environmental issues are strategically aligned with business objectives and demonstrably build reputation for the company among key stakeholders
7. Measurement & Evaluation
• To ensure that the country has robust evaluation methodologies in place to measure the impact of activities, initiatives and programmes and that these insights are used to determine how programmes and plans can be improved

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8. Crisis Management
• To ensure country has systems and processes in place to communicate effectively with all key stakeholders in the event of a crisis and that these processes include protocols for when and how the corporate centre needs to be involved; applying the guidelines set out

Skills, Experience & Education

Qualifications and Experience


• Ideal: Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences or equivalent with training Total Quality Management.
• Added Advantage: Work experience in the Beverage Industry would be an advantage
• Minimum: National Diploma in Food Technology or BA degree


• 4-5 years post-qualification experience with training in Total Quality Management

• The ability to project how long it will take for self and trainees to complete various tasks, to prioritise and complete tasks within the predicted time limits, and to co-ordinate the tasks driving projects along, getting results and ensuring key objectives are met
• Ability to build a complementary team using individual strengths, delegation, coaching and feedback.
• Ability to coordinate the efforts of and drive results through people.
• Ability to create trust and build a network of relationships with subordinates and management.
• The ability to seek and consider all possible and relevant information in order to conceptualise problems for problem solving and decision making with due regard to long and short term implications.
• Demonstrates ability to work constructively within a team to accomplish organizational goals; taking actions that respect the needs and contributions of others.
• Strong analytical thinker and decision making ability to deal with issues of large span complexity.
• Displays an innate ability to satisfy goals and expectations without being influenced to do so by another person despite circumstances or challenges faced.
• Ability to develop and sustain routine work for long periods of time
• Recognising performance and providing praise.
• The ability to seize opportunities and act upon them.
• Ability to work autonomously
• High self-awareness and high understanding of others with clear understanding of how words / actions impact others.
• The ability to focus on appropriate detail
• Ability to hold self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely and cost-effective results and keeping commitments.
• Broad conceptual understanding of the integration of processes within supply chain and the total business.

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Closing Date : 3 Dec, 2020

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