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New Year Craze and Resolutions



It is already the new year, but It seems it was just yesterday when we were awakened by the shocking news of Ebony Reign’s painful death, not forgetting her friends Franky Kuri and Atsu Vondee the Military man who all perished in that motor accident that threw the nation into perpetual mourning.
Wow!, all that was in February and already we are in December, and 2018 is slowly melting like a midnight candle and gradually giving way to the birth of 2019.
But my wahala is the fact that we are in that time of the year where people are looking forward to the new year with great expectations and plans. Some have already set up new year resolutions and psyched themselves up to embrace a new approach to life in 2019 and blah! blah! blah!
Some Christian folks will also sort themselves out at their Churches and throw prayer bullets at ‘Abonsam’, chaii! Satan taya give me oo lol’.

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But Charley, let’s face the fact, how many of us are able to achieve the goals set in our so called new year resolutions? It may be a Fitness goal, a dieting plan, a Business, a Relationship, or even a habit you planned to quit, but just how many of us are able to stay loyal throughout the 365 or something days of the year?
For me, I think new year resolutions are old fashioned but are useful if only one is able to at least stick to achieving the objectives of their resolutions. This is all enveloped in one English word, COMMITMENT.
If you know thyself, that thou canst commit and canst discipline thyself to achieve, just be yourself and keep it cool, do your best and grab opportunities you have faith in doing well at.
Do not allow the vision of others to create a destination for you. Like I always try to do, just push yourself higher and be your own competition, work on your skills to do better than the year before, be confident to achieve and if ever you think of creating resolutions think of how sure you can achieve them before bothering about the whole idea, HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS.

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