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7 Signs She Is the Right Girl for You



7 Signs She Is the Right Girl for You

7 Signs She Is the Right Girl for You


Unplanned marriages eventually fall on the rocks if the partners involved fail to spot hidden negatives characters in their lovers during the stage of courtship. It is unwise to rush to tie the knot without examining your partner. The following are some qualities of marriageable girlfriends.

  1. Hard-working and determined

Personally, I prefer ladies who are hustlers in whatever they do. A good girlfriend should be passionate to succeed in life.  Irrespective of the academic qualifications a woman has attained, it isn’t conclusive that she would make a good wife-material. The fact is that some ladies with strong educational backgrounds tend be consumed by pride. If you are a man who prefers highly educated girls, please upgrade your qualifications to be a bit higher than that of your partner’s. The fear is that, later on it might be difficult to distinguish who has married who. Lol



  1. Beautiful and sexy

Mind you, men have a taste for good-looking girls. Physical appearance is the number one feature which sells a woman to her potential boyfriend. No lady should ever trust a guy who says they don’t mind about beauty when choosing a girlfriend. To me, beauty is a character. I won’t be surprised if my affection for beauty stems from my poor physique? LMAO! Anyway, that is understandable. If a man isn’t gifted in looks, it is better he marries a beautiful woman, except that he wants to give birth to his own type. In our modern society, no lady has an excuse to be ugly. Science has manufactured a lot of cosmetics for ladies to enhance their looks. However, naturally beautiful ladies who use a lot of make-ups eventually lose their beauty.


  1. Shows Respect

Actually, this should have been the first point. Rude girls are a complete turn-off for many men. A man is a symbol of honor, so they value respect more than beauty. Marriage extends it branches to all members of the extended and nuclear family systems, so men seek to marry women who know to appropriately interact with their parents. A good wife-material should also be caring.



  1. Understanding and Humble

Nothing bores a man either than a lady who doesn’t accept her mistakes. Men see it as pride when they point out a lady’s mistakes but she keeps denying her wrongdoings. In the same vein, men expect their women to accept and forgive them when they go wrong.



  1. Inexpensive

Girlfriends today have grown an insatiable desire for money. It is good to be money-loving, but don’t be over demanding and expect your boyfriend to be your source of income. It is ok if a girl occasionally asks for money from her boyfriend, but it shouldn’t be habitual. Don’t use your boyfriend to feed your family. Your boyfriend equally has his own family financial troubles to sort out. It is very easy for boys to dump overly expensive girlfriends.




  1. Not a Gold Digger

A good girlfriend sticks to only her broke boyfriend.  I have a saying that, “Instead of looking for someone with future, why can’t you create a future with someone?” There is no need to be cheating on your broke boyfriend with sugar daddies. If you don’t believe in his future, just leave him alone in peace.



  1. Don’t be a gossip

Few men would want to keep a blabbermouth as a wife. A girl shouldn’t go about disclosing weaknesses of her man to her friends. How will they respect him, apart from their temptation to nickname him? It is demeaning, never betray your better-half.


Finally, there are other qualities of good girlfriends not listed here. We would reserve that for part two of this write-up.












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