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Keep Praying For The Country To Experience Better Times: Mahama



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As the nation is currently going through difficult times, former president John Dramani Mahama has urged Christians not to give up and to keep praying for better days.

We can only hope for the best as Christians if we remain righteous followers of Christ and persevere to the end,” he advised.

When speaking to members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, at the thanksgiving church service to close out events commemorating its 175th year’s anniversary at the Jubilee Park, Ho on Sunday, former president Mahama offered this vital advice.

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He claimed that because of the nation’s current economic situation, Christians were unable to make significant offerings at church.

Despite this, he asserted that the Bible commands us to let our light shine before men, which meant that everyone should be courageous in spreading the principles that Christ stands for, including controlling citizen behavior.

Moreover, he praised the church’s contributions to the nation’s progress, particularly in the fields of education and health.

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In addition, the former president emphasized that the church was there to meet both our material and spiritual needs.

“That is why the state must always recognize the role of the church in terms of it being a partner,” he addressed.

Furthermore, he told the populace that, if given the chance in 2024, NDC will save the nation from the current economic challenges of mounting inflation and misery.

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After the former president’s speech, Rt Rev. Dr. Lt Col Bliss Divine Agbeko also shared some piece of advice with the congregation.

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To that effect, Rt Rev. Dr. Lt Col Bliss Divine Agbeko (RTD) stressed that as Christians, we must persevere through all challenges.

Moreover, he asserted that the church must adapt and stop relying solely on one method of goal-achieving.

Finally, he emphasized that it was impossible to please God without faith and said that those who obeyed God would receive important advantages.

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