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Is the President’s Daughter Highjacking the Creative Arts Agency? – FOCAP



After the passage of the Creative Arts Agency Bill into law(Creative Arts Industry Act, 2020 Act 1048), we as FOCAP on countless occasions have asked for the Establishment of the Board & Executive Secretary to enable the Agency to function LEGALLY.

Even at the recent meet the press by the Ministry of Tourism and Arts & Culture we asked the Minister why the Board was still not in place and he said they’re still working on the clearances from the ministry of finance to enable them to start work.

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The Deputy Minister on peace FM in answering questions from the president of FOCAP Mr Kojo Preko Dankwa made it clear that the Agency had no authority to receive funds even in the past since it was not a legal entity.


We are therefore surprised to hear from the sector that there was fundraising to paint Accra.

In what legal capacity was this so-called fundraising executed and which Board as per the Law sanctioned this fundraising and execution of the paintings?

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How many funds were raised for that activity?

Can we also have an Audited Account of that Government Agency before and After the passage of the Law?

FOCAP is NOT against any form of painting whatsoever but our concern is WHO or WHICH Board Sanctioned these Activities according to the LAW?
As far as we’re concerned there is No LEGAL Position of a CEO for the Agency so who Made that Appointment for that Appointee to sign letters on the Agency’s behalf?

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Or is it a clear case of a Highjack of that sector by the President’s Daughter?

We only need answers to these simple questions.

We’ll continue to call on the President to elect the Board Chairman and Executive Secretary so we can form the board to enable them to work legally in order to avoid any ILLEGAL and unclear Activities.

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