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IN FOCUS! Ghana1000’s Journey to Mold the Future Workforce with STEM Skills



Ghana1000's Journey to Mold the Future Workforce with STEM Skills

The Managing Director of Industry Immersion Africa (iiAfrica), Dr. David Attipoe, recently underscored the critical importance of preparing students for the challenges and opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This assertion came during the inaugural graduation ceremony of the Ghana1000 initiative, a program spearheaded by iiAfrica to equip 1,000 university graduates with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) backgrounds with relevant business and data skills in a six-week, no-cost training.

Dr. Attipoe expressed optimism about the graduates’ readiness to lead in this era of transformative change. He believes that these graduates will significantly contribute to positioning Ghana and Africa as hubs for Fourth Industrial Revolution talents and advancing into the digital economy.

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Emphasizing the importance of equipping individuals with the skills necessary for the evolving landscape, he commended the graduates for their perseverance and dedication.

IN FOCUS! Ghana1000's Journey to Mold the Future Workforce with STEM Skills

The Ghana1000 initiative garnered significant interest, with 1,928 applicants, showcasing a strong enthusiasm for STEM education. Notably, 31% of the applicants were female, indicating a positive step towards gender diversity in the field. Out of the 1,030 admitted applicants, 753 successfully completed the course.

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During the ceremony, Professor David Dunne from the University of Victoria urged participants to embrace creativity through curiosity, empathy, and bravery. He emphasized these qualities as essential for success in problem-solving and design thinking, urging students to approach situations with a critical eye and a commitment to innovation.

Insendi’s Managing Director, James Connor, congratulated the graduates for their remarkable achievements and expressed gratitude for his organization’s involvement in running the program.

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As the graduates embark on their future endeavors, equipped with both technical and business skills, the impact of initiatives like Ghana1000 on shaping the workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution becomes increasingly evident.

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