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Ghanaians Rubbished My Hit Song ‘Wo Fie’ Because They Hate Gays – Transgender Artiste Speaks Up (Video)



Ghanaians Rubbished My Hit Song 'Wo Fie' Because They Hate Gays - Transgender Artiste Speaks Up (Video)

Transgender artiste, Angel Maxine has said the only reason Ghanaians did not appreciate her hit song “Wo Fie” was due to their collective hate for gays, lesbians and other homosexuals.

According to her, the song did not catch the dance of music-loving fans because it exposed the hate and animosity Ghanaians have for homosexuals and the deep-seated hostility between the citizenry and the LGBTQ community.

Born Maxwell Okyere Opoku, Angel Maxine released the “Wo Fie” track to put into proper perspective why the rights of the LGBTQ community in Ghana needed to be protected alongside why she felt Ghanaians had hate for homosexuals.

She has maintained that her song was a hit song but Ghanaians deliberately failed to appreciate and promote it because it spoke deeply about the LGBTQ situation and the discrimination thereof.

In an interview with Benjamin Akakpo on Joy News TV, the gay rights advocate stated that, despite the opposition she faces, she is unafraid to sing for her colleagues’ liberation.

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According to Maxine, her song gives the LGBTQ community hope and inspiration.

“… Well, it’s been well received, but you know they’ll still condemn it because it comes from a transgender person.” It’s bad because the transgender is telling them the truth. But for those who understand me and believe in me, I’ll say “Wo Fie” is the most popular song in Ghana. “Wo Fie” brings joy to the LGBTQ community, in my opinion. It reassures them that they are not alone. That is the beauty of the song “Wo Fie.”

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The transgender’s song gained popularity after it featured prominent showbiz figures such as Sister Derby and One Luv Kubolor.

Maxine emphasized in the song that effeminate men, also known as ‘kojobesia’ in Ghana, are present in almost every household, making it unfair for them to be discriminated against.

She also emphasized that lesbians and homosexuals can be found in every family and that it is not appropriate to judge and condemn their sexual preferences.

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Meanwhile, parliament will be looking forward to debating on the Anti-LGBTQ Bill…weighing the pros and cons and finally deciding on whether to get it passed or not.

Sam George has given Ghananains his words that he remains unshaken in his quest to see to the passing of the Bill with his source of energy drawn from the support Ghanaians have given him so far.

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