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You hold primaries but act as if churches are COVID-19 distribution centres – Bishop Charles Agyinasare



Bishop Charles Agyinasare isn’t happy that churches are closed due to COVID-19 but political primaries were freely and willingly held without fear of contracting the same virus.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare has expressed amazement that political parties are allowed to hold primaries in this coronavirus era while Ghana cards are also being distributed by the National Identification Authority (NIA) but church services have been limited to 100 people for an hour under strict restrictions and guidelines.

In one of his virtual sermons, the founder of Perez Chapel International said: “This morning, I was chatting with Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. He said: ‘You see; this coronavirus, it’s not just normal. It is a satanic agenda to make sure that people will not go to church again’”.

“Is it not amazing to you that they are OK to go and vote in primaries, they are not afraid they will get coronavirus; they are OK to get to the market, they are not afraid they’ll get coronavirus; they are OK to go to the supermarket, they are OK to sit in ‘trotro’, they OK to sit in a taxi, they are OK to go everywhere, but when it comes to church, it is like, at the gates of the church, we are distributing coronavirus”, Bishop Agyinasare wondered.

“That is what the devil has made people think”, he said.

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“How can you go to the market, where there are so many people, thousands of people; and as for that place, you won’t get coronavirus, and when you come to church, where we are determined to have social distance, as for that place: ‘I’m scared, if I go into the church, [I’ll get the disease]’; the devil is a liar”, he stressed.

He, thus, urged Christians to fast and pray against the plans of the devil.

“And, so, you and I, this kind, if this kind is going to leave, then you and I have to go to deal with it by fasting and prayer”.

He further noted: “Is it not amazing to you that our president, our minister of health and all of them, they are Christians, because we are 71 per cent Christian, but when it comes to taking a decision on the church during this coronavirus [period], everybody is afraid that when we go to church, coronavirus will get us but when people go to market, the coronavirus will not get them. The devil is a liar”.

“Everybody believes that people can go and vote, the coronavirus will not get them; we can go and register, the coronavirus will not get us; they can go and distribute NIA cards, the coronavirus will not get them; even if multitudes gather on one park and they are distributing them, coronavirus will not get them, but if they come to church, the coronavirus will get them”, he emphasized.

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“It is a demon, this kind, it is a demon”, he asserted.

“And, you see, there are some churches, they are saying: ‘We want to wait, as for us, we want everything to finish, when everything is gone’, but by the time everything is gone you don’t have a church anymore because already the devil has brought cobwebs in the minds of many Christians”, he added.

Currently, Ghana has recorded 414 new COVID-19 cases taking the total case count to 14,568, Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Patrick Kuma-Abaogye told journalists on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at a press briefing by the Minister of Information.

“We have so far, following the review, recorded 95 deaths”, Dr Kuma-Aboagye said, adding: “Currently, we have 24 severe cases across the country and six cases are critical and five persons are currently on ventilators”.

Also, he noted: “We have a total of 414 new cases reported from 25 districts across the country and three regions”, explaining: “…About 13 regions did not record any new case yesterday.”

So far, the number of recoveries stand at 10,907 while the death toll has gone up by 10 to 95.

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The country’s recovery rate stands at 75 per cent.

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According to Dr Kuma-Aboagye, there will be no distinction between discharged and recovered patients on the GHS’ website, explaining that the health authorities are relying on clinical recovery. “They have all recovered”, he insisted.

Ghana’s total active cases as of now stand at 3,566.

Below are the guidelines the government of Ghana gave for church services:

Find below the government’s guidelines on the opening of churches:

Churches are to ensure a no-handshake, no-hugging and no-spitting policy at all time.

No crowded dancing and waving of handkerchiefs during church services.

Microphones are to be sanitised immediately after each use.

All persons who speak or sing in churches must wear face masks during the service.

Churches are to discourage singing in groups and instead use pre-recorded songs.

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Source: Happy FM

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Akuffo Addo Is The Most Corrupt President In The History Of Ghana – A Plus Alleges



Akuffo Addo Is The Most Corrupt President In The History Of Ghana – A Plus Alleges

Mr. Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known in entertainment and social media as A Plus has descended heavily on the first gentleman of the land, president NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO ADDO with no fear or favour.

He alleges the incumbent government govern has performed way below expectation with respect to campaign promises that led to a landslide victory over main opposition party, National Democratic Congress(NDC) in 2016.

A Plus angrily admonished Ghanaian politicians to be very careful, because the country folks are very angry and look very scary moving forward.

Kwame, however, focussed his post on his gross disappointment in president NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO ADDO  where he expressed his regret for leading the campaign in 2016 for Akffuo Addo to assume power in 2017.

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See excerpts of his post below;

I wished politicians speedy recovery in my previous post and almost everyone commenting is angry that I did. Ghanaian politicians must be careful. The people are very angry. It doesn’t look good. One day the people will rise up against you. It is getting scary by the minute.

But you see, I blame Nana Addo. He is the cause of the mistrust in Ghana’s political landscape today. He was our last hope. Ghanaians trusted him and gave him their full support but he is worse than his predecessors. He has failed so much that just after 4 years of winning with about a million votes he has to bring his own electoral commissioner and change the voter’s register and send military who could not protect our environment in the galamsey fight to the Volta Region before he can win again. He is the reason why people have developed so much hatred for politicians. If you can’t trust Nana who can you trust?

Now he has turned into an evening news presenter. Everyday, “Fellow Ghanaians, good evening, welcome to the evening news. My name is Nana, I’m here with my co-presenter, my beautiful Rebecca. Now the news at 9.” – GBC corona correspondent.

As for Ghana all it takes is to speak good English and the people will be like awwwww!!! Even Junior Agogo was once our best striker. Tweaaaa!!!

In 2016 Nana Addo was very happy when I asked how the National Organizer of the NDC, former teacher Kofi Adams got his wealth from. But he Nana was at Eugene Arhin’s baby naming ceremony. He Nana is aware what his people are grabbing and amassing. This is 2018, let me also ask you Nana, where do your boys get all the money from?Nana Addo is a very dishonest man. I’ve said it!!! Enough of his people his people. It’s him!!!”

A Plus Facebook post



EnewsGhana youtube

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5 Reasons Why Ghanaians Must Vote Against Nana Akufo Addo In The 2020 Election



5 Reasons Why Ghanaians Must Vote Against Nana Akufo Addo In The 2020 Election

Former President, John Dramani Mahama is staging a comeback as the flagbearer of the biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress.

The fine gentleman was historically kicked out of power in his first term as the president of Ghana when the then opposition leader, Nana Akufo Addo won in a landslide victory in the 2016 election.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances as Covid-19 still lurks in the shadows, Ghana will head to the polls in December this year. It’s obvious the Nana Akufo led government has failed Ghanaians in translating all the promises they made before they assumed power.

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Despite the good manner the President has managed the Covid-19 situation in Ghana and scoring high marks on the political scoresheet, Nana Akufo still remains unpopular and we think that gives his closest rival, John Dramani Mahama the edge.

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Invariably, NanaAkufo Addo’s failings has reinforced why John Dramani Mahama should be the next option in the next election.

1. Hardship

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The hardship under Nana Akufo Addo has been very unbearable. The cost of living keeps soaring while the cedi continue to lose its value against the major foreign currencies. There’s no money in the system and people are struggling to eat three times daily.

2. Corruption

The embezzlement of public funds by civil servants and government officials in Ghana seems to have reached an all-time high and the canker has pervaded the fabric of public sector institutions, posing grave repercussions for the socio-economic growth of the country. The current administration has not found any financial malfeasance after conducting investigations into the various projects initiated by the past government.

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3. Intimidation under NPP

There’s no doubt about this- under the current administration, people are freely insulted and intimidated if they speak against Nana Akufo Addo and his government. There have also been high profile killings that have not been solved.

The gruesome murder of investigative journalist Hussein Ahmed-Suale, the harassment and intimidation of journalists like former Joy FM employee Manesseh Azuri, Star FM’s Edward Adeti, Radio XYZ’s Kwame Minka etc., as well as the Gestapo shutdown of Radio Gold, Radio XYZ and other media organisations is an intimidating and silencing political.opposition.

4. Elephant Sized Government

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Nana Akufo Addo’s ministerial cabinet is unprecedented in the political history of Ghana. There’s a total of 110 ministerial appointments. As you can imagine, this will invariably promote corruption.

5. Cedi not performing well

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia touts himself as an economic guru who haunted John Dramani Mahama and the late Kwesi Ammissah Arthur with his so-called ‘170 questions’ about the economy after a lecture on the state of the economy. However, since the assumption of office, the cedi has been depreciating at an alarming rate yet Bawumia seems to be clueless about how to salvage the situation.

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