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PDS deal: MiDA shifting blame to Bawumia – ACEP suspects ‘mischief’



PDS deal: MiDA shifting blame to Bawumia - ACEP suspects 'mischief'


Transaction advisors in a concession agreement with energy company, Power Distribution Services (PDS) have been accused of shifting blame after controversy gutted the agreement.

In the controversy, Power Distribution Services (PDS) have been found to lack the financial capacity to provide $12.5m in guarantees when they took over ECG management in March 2019.

PDS has been suspended. But the agreement to provide demand guarantees has been now downgraded to insurance guarantees.

Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) who are the transaction advisors commissioned an investigation into the PDS deal.

In its report, it mentions a meeting in the Office of the Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia attended by top government officials including Finance and Energy ministers and the Chief of Staff.

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It was at this meeting that the decision was taken to convert payment guarantees to insurance guarantees.

ACEP Executive Director Ben Boakye wants to know the position of the transaction advisors on that decision.

“They cannot sit aloof and say that we didn’t do anything,” he said on JoyNews late evening program, PM Express.

Ben Boakye noted that several sources have pointed to pressure from MIDA and IFC to push through the PDS agreement.

But in the report, the energy expert said he observed that there was “a very crafty attempt to exonerate the transaction advisors and start pointing fingers at some people.”

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The ACEP Executive Director said his checks show MiDA no longer publishes minutes of Board meeting since the controversy began.

Before that, the transaction advisor regularly did so, he said. “We want to see what advice they gave to the government”, he pushed for the publication of the minutes.



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Wenchi NPP delegates hold press conference to refute Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations



It has emerged, remarks made on Oman FM political talk show (The boiling Point) on 14th May, 2020 by outspoken Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament of Assin Fosu Constituency has not gone down well with NPP delegates in the NPP delegates in Wenchi constituency. 

To address their displeasure, a press conference was held on the 25th May to set the records straight as party members believe, the comments are unfortunate and have the potential to cause unnecessary tension and mistrust within the rank and file of NPP party and by extension have a negative impact on the Ghana general elections come December 2020.

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The key points the press conference seek to clarify as follows;

  1. It is inaccurate that, the Wenchi constituency parliamentary seat was captured from NDC in president’s Kufour’s era as alluded to by honorable Kennedy Agyapong
  2. It is  also untrue  that NDC has penetrated the ranks of we the delegates through monetary inducement

They urged Kennedy Agyapong to disregard the feedback from ‘false intelligence’ gathered by his investigative team as they believe some of his utterances and unsubstantiated conclusions could jeopardize the efforts of the parties target of #4More4Nana come the December general elctions.

Find the full press conference See below:

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See Full Wenchi NPP delegates Press conference to refute Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations



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Sad Video: Black Man Dies After US Officer Kneels On His Neck For Over 7 Minutes While Arresting Him



Sad Video: Black Man Dies After US Officer Kneels On His Neck For Over 7 Minutes While Arresting Him

An upsetting video going viral online shows moments a Minneapolis police officer pinning down a defenseless black man identified as George Floyd with his knees for well over 7 minutes until he became unconscious and later died in police custody a few hours later on Monday the 22nd of May, 2020.

George Floyd

In the video, a police officer is seen holding George down after he “physically resisted officers”. One of the officers pinned him down by the knees on his neck while the other controlled the concerned crowd around.

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“I can’t breathe,” he kept saying but the arresting officer won’t have none of it but was heard telling George to get up and get in the car.

“I can’t,” George told the cops.

At some point, George starts screaming for his “grandma” and also complained; “My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts” but the officer kept applying pressure to keep George down to the floor.

Bystanders who could not take it anymore approached the scene and told the officer to get off of the man. One person pointed out that the man’s nose had started to bleed but they didn’t listen.

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George then stopped moving and became unresponsive as the ambulance arrived at the scene and placed him on the gurney and carted away but later confirmed dead in custody.

Watch the video below;

As at the time of making this report, only two of the police officers involved are known; Devan Shoven – the one with his knee on the neck of George Floyd and Tu Tao.


BlackLivesMatter Trends After Minneapolis Officer Kneel On The ...

New reports coming in points out that the four police officers involved were fired by the Minneapolis Police Department and supported by the mayor, Jacob Frey as confirmed by the Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arradondo in a short address to the press.

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The reports also noted that the FBI has begun an investigation into the incident and will turn in their report to the US attorney’s office for possible charges.

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