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Renowned Sound Engineer Fred Kyei Mensah popularly known as Fredyma has taken his time to deliberate on the recent demise of KƆHWƐ, the sad case of T.T of Taxi driver fame and matters arising in the creative Art industry in a long write up which will blow your mind. Take some minutes of your time and read the wisdom he has for us.

He Writes;

Take your time and read this. It’s a bit lengthy but, full of wisdom.
We woke up to hear the demise Kofi Laing, popularly referred to as Kɔhwɛ, who used to be on our screens in the late 70’s to the 90’s on Showcase in Akan and other local video movie productions. The signs of his death, were clear on the wall.

Fortunately the former Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Barbara Oteng Gyasi and Hon Ursula Owusu, Minister of Communication paid him a visit and supported him.
Some few days ago, Psalm Adjeteyfio( TT) of the famous Ghanaian sitcom, Taxi Driver, complained of having serious financial issues to the extent of facing ejection from his rented apartment and no money for his medication. But for the benevolence of the Vice President, Dr Bawumia and few others, this man, might have died an untimely death!

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Some people are saying why didn’t the two invest in insurance, SSNIT and other life insurance policies to augment their lives? Ɛntoo wo a, da! Our system is bereft of so many things. The life of the creative person, is that of a probability factor. You are not guaranteed performance after your last gig. It’s a difficult terrain. Unless one invest in other ventures, the story of some begging for help in their old, bedridden and unemployed stage, will continue. Sometimes, i fear for my life.
I quite remember Hon Mamaga Abla Dzifa Gomashie sending me on an emissary to visit the late Kweku Darko(Super OD) of the Osofo Dadzie group, to offer a token during his worst period in his life. This cyclical story, abounds in the creative sector.

Some people are blaming TT 😭 for not adhering to the principles he espoused in on one of his adverts for Best Point Insurance where he admonished people to save for their old age. Easily acted than practicing it. Na sika no wɔ he?

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When i lost my studio and my business in 2015, i nearly committed suicide despite some friends helping at the onset of my calamity. Most of the help that came, was just to put soul and body together but not to set me on the path of recovery. I am grateful to all who helped. I had saved enough prior to the disaster but, had used about 90% of my savings to buy new equipment because of a big deal i had to provide live band services. I was asked to augment my set of musical equipment which was getting rusty before the deal will go through.

I bought the equipment, arranged all of them ready for rehearsals on June 1,2015. By June 3, 2015, i had lost everything through the floods. No one came forward and promised to buy me any equipment to start my business again. It was Bishop Obinim and the wife Florence Obinim whom i had done no good to them who accommodated, provided a job at OBTV, paid my children’s university fees and fed me for almost 3 years.

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When NPP came to power and people knowing my affiliation with them, thought the party could have come to my rescue by giving me enough to start again. It was few private individuals in the party, who supported me financially for my daily upkeep but i kept some to buy few old equipment to start a home studio which i am hoping to attract clients because for almost 5 years, i was out of business. I appreciate the government putting me on the National Folklore Board which had serious challenges though. Hmm.

My situation could have been like Kɔhwɛ or TT. Don’t let’s blame them for the poor lifestyle some are in at the moment. In Ghana, the old is mostly neglected. Putting your hope on your children to take care of you in your old age now, is a miracle! The children themselves no dey see top.
Gye Nyame, we are all dead! Rest well Kohwɛ, wo tiri nkwa TT. Looking forward to a benefactor to bless me with the state of the art equipment to bounce fully in business. Nyame Bekyere!

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