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Exclusive: United Showbiz was meant to be hosted by Empress Gifty instead of Mcbrown



A new report making waves on social media suggests that gospel artist, Empress Gifty, was originally chosen to host UTV’s United Showbiz program before being replaced by Nana Ama Mcbrown due to the influence of some powerful individuals within Despite Media.

According to an anonymous insider, who leaked an audio recording of the revelation, the show was initially meant to be hosted by Empress Gifty, and she was even about to sign a hefty contract with UTV.

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However, Roger Quartey, a well-known Ghanaian movie producer, and media personality led a campaign to have Mcbrown replace her.

The insider claimed that the lobbying for Mcbrown to take over the hosting role was so intense that it nearly caused chaos within Despite Media. Nevertheless, after a vote was taken, Mcbrown was ultimately selected, and she was able to take over the show as she had not yet signed a contract with the media house.

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The insider also suggested that some people within Despite Media were envious of the lucrative deal that Empress Gifty was about to secure and wanted to give it to Mcbrown instead. Mcbrown was seen as the perfect replacement as she had no controversies surrounding her brand at the time.

The leaked audio also revealed that UTV’s actions had nearly destroyed Mcbrown’s marriage, which was a contributing factor to her eventual departure from the show. The anonymous source did not provide further details on this matter.

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The news of Empress Gifty’s supposed replacement has caused a massive stir on social media, with many Ghanaians expressing their disappointment with the decision.

However, there has been no official response from Empress Gifty or Nana Ama Mcbrown regarding the matter.

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