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Why Shatta Wale Keeps Winning



Why Shatta Wale Keeps Winning

Why Shatta Wale Keeps Winning

Shatta Wale’s intelligently unique branding has fortified his stance in the Ghana Music Industry. This is an artist who has been fought severally by envious competitors who lack sense of direction in the showbiz fraternity. Even though, some of Shatta Wale’s musical counterparts appear to also be good, they are a bunch of clueless accidental musicians who lack self-identity.


They have no idea about what they are doing in the music industry. They are not creative and smart. All they do is produce good songs, but can’t promote themselves. Showbiz is not only about dropping hit songs. Showbiz is a complex and delicate industry. You can work your ass out to join the entertainment bandwagon, but if you lack a well-established branding, your shine will gradually fade away, leaving you in tatters.


Shatta Wale has distinguished himself in several perspectives as a serious artist. Being musically creative, smart in money matters, good at winning beefs, good at entertaining fans, excellent at motivating his fans, assisting fans, spending enough time with his fans, hyping his fans and appreciating his fans and so forth. There is nothing much to be expected from the King of African Dancehall. He has bought cars and motorbikes for his fans. No truthful person will disagree that Shatta Wale is the best musician to ever exist on our musical map.


Ghana would have been incomplete without Shatta Wale. He is the only interesting musician I have ever known in my entire life. Since I started following Shatta Wale from the beginning of 2014, he has never disappointed me. It is as if Shatta Wale has a PhD degree in Showbiz and Musicology. He is exceptionally brilliant; it is time we appreciated his talent. If all Ghanaian musicians were to combine their songs, they wouldn’t still add up to Shatta Wale’s musical galleries. This tells you that Wale is a hard-working guy.


Aside his music prowess, Shatta Wale is the only musician who has mastered how to make money from criticisms. He turns all insults thrown at him into money. No wonder he is richer than other musicians. A good musician can’t survive without a huge following. This actually means that a good musician must not struggle to amass a strong fan base. Look at what is happening to Iwan & Samini. I pity these guys. They don’t know what they are doing in the industry. Even though, Iwan and Samini are musically not that bad, they lack branding. As a result, their fan bases are diminishing to the barest minimum.



These fake artistes have no influences. Their lack of solid branding is burying them. They are fading and going broke. For example, Iwan has lost about 99% of his fans. That is so sad. Today, we can see that Iwan is totally confused and frustrated. He made some serious mistakes which have caused him his whole career. The time Iwan started fighting Shatta Wale, I already declared him dead.


By the way, let’s take a quick look at some of the beefs Shatta Wale has won. Samini, Criss Wadle, Iwan, Yaa Pono, Sarkodie all the rest, lost their battle against Champion. They should have been asking themselves why Shatta Wale is still conquering the world. One fact people do not know is that; we Shatta Fans don’t care how well a colleague musician can compose song lyrics to diss our godfather. That is why Sarkodie’s supposed hit diss track (Advice) against Shatta Wale immediately blew up in front of his face after its release.



For the sake of their career and their future, no wise Ghanaian artist should ever think of dissing Shatta Wale for fame. You are only losing your meager fans. The Shatta Movement Empire is a moving train. Our momentum is gargantuan. Try to stop us; and we will crush you to your skeleton.



Thankfully, the other ignorant artists have an opportunity to learn from the Shatta Wale brand. They should stop the hate; and be humble to learn from their master.

I’m beginning to lose my temper. Goodbye. You Will Hear from Me Soon.


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