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Shatta Wale Gives His Best Advice to Bloggers and Ghana Music Industry



Shatta Wale Gives His Best Advice to Ghanaians

Shatta Wale started this Wednesday’s morning with a fiery message to Ghanaian bloggers and industry players. According to the Dancehall King, bloggers aren’t fair to him. They are always quick to write and publish untruthful stories about him, despite the fact that Shatta Wale is the pioneer and the pivot of Ghana Music Industry.


The dancehall artist went further to explain that the tarnishing of his reputation by the media is the reason for his bad boy character. The controversial musician also promised to give awards to bloggers if they publish good things about him


Making a reference to a lyrical verse from his hit song Prove You Wrong, Wale quoted himself by saying he won’t apologize to anybody because, he is a monster who was created by a messy music industry. As if that was not enough, Shatta Wale took shots at his archrivals Stonebwoy, Samini and Sarkodie. Once again, he bragged about his wealth and described other artists as being broke and fake.

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Take a look at his Facebook post below:


“Imagine bloggers were writing great articles about my change in this industry today, like you won’t see Shatta Wale with a certain kind of behavior and I would even reward them always in a nice way but I sang in one of my songs:


“Why should I ever apologize for the monster I have become
No one ever apologized for making me this way “


Today their own so called favorites Sarkodie and Stonebwoy are telling them in their face that your blogs are not worth it so they post foreign blogs and also warning them to sue them cuz these same artistes are not pulling the weight they thought they will pull. Radio station fought radio stations who supported me just show to show they have upper hand with some industry so called gurus. But most of these presenters still cry for fuel,up-keeping ,mobile money etc..



But they come and sit on radio and pose as big men! If they think they know us we also know them very well. There is a saying in Akan which goes like “wada nensu wu nai gu abontin” YOU SLEEP BUT YOUR LEG DEH OUTSIDE lol .so everyone has a problem or a fault one way or the other!!!

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Imagine you guys wrote the truth about my works, bashed me sometimes which is normal in everyone’s life. Like I will show great appreciation and gratitude to many of you. It is said “don’t bite the hands that feed you” but I think most of our Ghana artiste don’t understand the work ethics and that’s why they fade away easily ..



No one caused this change ,I did …
No one lived a stardom life but I am proving it in their faces today.
All the shows they organized for their favorites were staged to make them big in the eyes of the public but these artiste never saw the future for that.. But I did things on my own and have gotten the largest movement ever!!

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No one should take this personal but think, think very deep and ask yourself how the industry would have been boring with the name Shatta Wale.

We are trying but we still in the middle of nowhere.




I have made enough money and I do have an exit plan but will not leave my fans till I see them get where they want to be that’s why I am still doing Music in Ghana!!!

It’s a big shame for Ghana music!!!”

Shatta writes ✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️




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Wedding Canceled as Bride’s Mother Vanishes With Groom’s Father



An ongoing wedding has been canceled because groom’s father eloped with the bride’s mother.

The unfortunate incident was revealed by a friend to one of the families last night via his space on twitter.

A dismayed guest and friend to the bride’s family, Max Vayshia took to Twitter to narrate the incident as it happened.

He posted;

“So this wedding was canceled because the groom’s father eloped with the bride’s mother. Mahd oo.”

As funny as it was, it wasn’t really funny to him. For him, the funny aspect was the fact that it happened live in front of everyone.

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“What is funnier is that this is not a joke. It happened live 😂”, he added.

Now, thinking about this, if what we are all suspecting happens, the ex-fiancé and fiancée becomes step brother and step sister. The stepson and daughter become ex-lovers.

While people endorse the decision to cancel the wedding, others believe they were not ready to get married yet. Citing that if they were, they wouldn’t allow the business of two consenting adults to influence the process of tying their knots.

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“Nana Addo is Ghana’s Worst President Ever; He Should Have Resigned By Now” – Bulldog



Bulldog has rated Ghana’s sitting President, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, as the worst the country has ever had in history.

The controversial artiste manager and showbiz pundit opined this during a talk show on 3 FM yesterday.

According to tom him, the President should have even resigned by now for failing to perform up to the task and the expectation he gave Ghanaians.

We all most politicians are liars but Akufo-Addo seemed or looked like he was going to be different. When he started his campaign and was talking and talking, you know, he is the worst president ever,” he said whilst speaking on 3FM.

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During the interview hosted by MzGee, Bulldog added that the President must even resign by now with his Vice, Dr Bawumia, behind bars, for once donating expired products to people in the Nothern part of Ghana.

He and his hypeman Bawumia … that’s his hypeman which vice? What job does he do? This is a man who should be behind bars. They went to the North to go and share food that has expired to people,” he said.

Watch the full video below;

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“I Miss My Man” – Fella Makafui Tweets; And Here is Medika’s Reply To Fella



The posture of Fella Makafui and Medikal shows that they are back together but do not know how to publicly announce the good news.

Following the news about Fella and MDK’s breakup, many are those who think the breakup of the two love birds is a real one while others also of the view that the breakup has been engineered by the two just to keep Ghanaians talking.

Last night, the YOLO actress tweeted that she misses her man.

Then Medikal also took to his Twitter page to reply Fella that;

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We at don’t know about you but from where we sit, we think the two are back together.

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