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Meet the Rising Ghana Hiphop Star in UENR



12- Sheriff Sabtiwu

Have you heard about the sensational upcoming hip hop artiste/Rapper  in Ghana young Twelve(12)? If not yet you get to know him now!

His real name is Sheriff Sabtiwu and stage name Twelve(12).

Twelve is a prodigy of Kasoa in Ghana  and currently studying IT at the university of Energy and Natural Resources(UENR) at Sunyani, Brong Ahafo region.

First, his musical exploits began from high school and has now become a house hold name not only at UENR but most tertiary institutions across the country. 12 has  several hip hop singles which to his credit featured on popular music streaming websites including but not limited to iTunes and Spotify.

Check out a list of  singles to Twelve(12)’s credit below:

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1. Song title: 4AM INFERNO (Prod By Rayne)

2. Song title: Trap Walk (Prod By Rayne)

3.Song title: BLFT(Boys Love Flowers Too)[Prod By Dare Mame Beat]

If you enjoyed and sighed at how talented Twelve(12) is, you are not alone. These singles have trended in most universities in Ghana and also disseminated overseas by some international students.

Are you wondering why 12 is not yet on the national scene? Well your guess is as good as mine. When 12 was posed with that question he mentioned ‘ I am rising through the ranks like any other underground rapper. However I am taking advantage of my university days to establish myself as a household name and also doing shows externally as well. Also, I am ‘cooking’ my  #RoadstoASGARD album due end of this year which I intend to use to outdoor myself officially in Ghana and beyond’.

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That look sounds interesting to hear. Isn’t it? Well let’s all brace ourselves for the #RoadstoASGARD.


Also 12 indicated he is also engaged in promoting brands as well and he dreams of becoming the Africa brand ambassador for Reebok which he has a strong fashion and feels other footwear brands have been overhyped in favour of Reebok. Locally, he has featured in short video promoting popular mey3hiphop clothing brand as seen in the Instagram video below:

During  an interview, we asked about competition regards artiste like m.anifest, El, D-black among other rappers? he mentioned ‘to be afraid of competition is like being dead on arrival and I am well braced physically,mentally and emotionally to brave through to the TOP’. That seems like he is super charged ain’t?!

So far so good, it appears twelve(12)  is on fire to take the Ghana hip hop  music  industry by storm and we should look forward to that. We wish him the best in his music career and look forward to his #roadstoASGARD album launch.

You can follow Twelve on various social media platform on these handles:

Twitter: @12goddy

Instagram : @twelvegoddy

Facebook :@12goddy


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Lion Heart: Film on Nigerian sex workers disqualified from Oscars



Lion Heart: Film on Nigerian sex workers disqualified from Oscars

The Academy of Motion Pictures has rejected a second entry for next year’s Oscar award for Best International Film.

The Austrian movie, Joy, is about Nigerian sex-workers in Vienna, but the Academy says it has too much dialogue in English.

Last week it turned down Nigeria’s own submission, Lionheart, for the same reason.

The rejections come in the year when the Academy re-named the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar award to Best International Film for “films that are not in the English language”.

News about the film’s disqualification was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter website, which said the Academy found that two-thirds of the dialogue in Joy was in English.

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“As we do every year, the Academy is in the process of reviewing the films submitted for the International Feature Film category to determine whether they meet our eligibility rules. The film Joy, submitted by Austria, was just reviewed and is ineligible because only 33% of the dialogue is non-English,” a statement from the Academy says.

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ASP Kofi Sarpong launches new single ‘Messiah’



ASP Kofi Sarpong launches new single ‘Messiah’

Policeman-cum-singer, ASP Kofi Sarpong has officially launched his new single “Messiah” in the studio of Adom FM.

As ‘Messiah’ played from the studio during the station’s mid-morning show, Work and Happiness, ASP Sarpong revealed that Adom FM was the first radio station to play the song after its release last month.

He explained that the song was “intended to praise and give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for his protection of the righteous”.

“Messiah” also bestows all authority unto Jesus Christ for His contribution in saving humanity from bondage,” he explained further.

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The singer has won many awards in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Ghana Music Awards UK and other internationally recognised award schemes.

He was also honoured with a Legendary and Doctors Award in Jerusalem for his contributions towards the Christian faith.


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Return all the plaques you’ve won – Ghana DJ Awards organiser to DJ Black



Return all the plaques you’ve won – Ghana DJ Awards organiser to DJ Black

Merqury Quaye, the Chief Executive Officer of Merqury Republic, the organisers of the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards, has questioned why DJ Black should be asking him whether he was winning the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards if indeed he ever told organisers that he was not interested.

According to Quaye, DJ Black asked him on WhatsApp whether he is winning the awards this year because he did not want to attend an event that he knew he was not winning.

“I want to ask DJ Black that if he has told us not to nominate him, how does he slide in my DM (WhatsApp Direct Message) to ask me if he is winning this year, how does that conversation come up?” he quizzed.

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Merqury Quaye who spoke on Joy FM’s ‘Showbiz A to Z’ on Saturday with host Naa Ashorkor indicated that the celebrated DJ has been telling him privately that he does not want to be nominated again by the Ghana DJ Awards committee but he (Merqury Quaye) advised him to issue a statement to that effect.

He then instructed DJ Black to return all the plaques he had received from his organisation if he insists he is not interested in the awards.

“If you have ever told me not to nominate you for the Ghana DJ Awards, then today I am telling you that all the plaques that have been presented to you by the Ghana DJ Awards, all the prizes that you have received from the Ghana DJ Awards return them, return all the sound systems,” Merqury Quaye said with anger.

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DJ Black had said earlier on the same show that he had not been involved in the DJ awards this year, especially because he did not put up his name for nominations yet he found out he had been nominated.

“In the first place I wonder how my name got the nomination anyway because I know I’ve had a private discussion with Merqury Quaye, about not [wanting to be] nominated for a while so when my name got nominated, I was a bit surprised,” Black told Naa Ashorkor.

He added that even though this was not the first time he had asked the organisers not to nominate him, he always found his name on the list.

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Recently, celebrity awards programmes in Ghana have often ended with some controversy surrounding them.

Mostly the narrative is that the organisers cheat in awarding the ultimate or that the ultimate winner does not deserve it.

This controversy is not different from the recently held Ghana DJ Awards where 12-year-old DJ Switch was adjudged the ‘Best DJ of the Year’.

Entertainment pundits have argued that the young DJ should have been given an honourary award as the most promising DJ because winning the ultimate will rather put a lot of pressure on the young girl.

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