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Don’t Be A Boring Wife Or Girlfriend, 5 Places to Easily Turn a Man On When Touched During Bed-Game



Don’t Be A Boring Wife Or Girlfriend, 5 Places to Easily Turn a Man On When Touched During Bed-Game

It is easy to forget that so many different body parts can be erogenous zones, especially when in the heat of the moment undressing your partner.

Here are 5 expert-approved hot spots and erogenous zones worth spending a few extra moments with next time you’re down and dirty with a naked man.

To make things even easier, we’ve also paired each body part with some easy, non-awkward ways to incorporate these areas into your next roll in the hay.

First of all, Lower Stomach. Another nerve-filled area is the lower stomach, says Sabat, which becomes more and more concentrated closer to the genital area.

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Give the area right below their belly button but above their pubic bone or genitals some extra love to show them your affection and attention.

Try this: Teasing and stimulating this area can feel super pleasurable for dudes through kissing, gentle biting, and temperature play, says Sabat.

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You can even experiment with some light pressure play, “but be warned: it’s best to try [pressure play] with an empty bladder,” Sabat adds. FAIR.

Secondly, Inner Arms. The thin, soft skin of the inner arms makes this area ultra-sensitive, according to Sabat. Think about it, how often do you really give attention to your inner arms?

Try this: While most of these erogenous zones can be stimulated through kissing or your tongue, the light, controlled movement of your fingers is especially great for inner arms.

Stroke the skin from just inside their inner shoulder and move gently down to the inner elbow, says Sabat.

If you and your partner are both into BDSM and have spoken about trying it out, pulling this move when your partner has his arms tied up (either in a fixed T-shape or just with their wrists above their head), can be really sexy too, Sabat adds.

Try this: The area behind the knee can be a super versatile erogenous zone as it can be teased without being gross in public, but also focused on during sex when y’know, you’re back in private.

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Sabat says to try gently running your fingers over the area, or engaging with this bodily real estate during penetrative sex with touching, stroking, or dialing the intensity up a bit by applying pressure.

Also, Ears. Ears are hyper sensitive to touch as there are tons of sensation receptors along the inside and outside of the ear, says Luna Matatas, sex and pleasure educator.

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Try this: Suck the top part of his ear and then run your tongue along the inside, says Matatas. Or you can try nibbling on his earlobe. The beauty of ear play is that when you’re that up close and personal, your hands are also free to roam the rest of his bod.

Finally, Bottom Lip. Harris says that lips in general are one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Take your time while kissing—there’s a reason why nibbling and variation in pressure can drive you over the edge when done correctly.

Try this: Harris suggests nibbling their bottom lips and possibly even going for a harder bite (if they seem receptive to it).

“The sensations of going from a tender kiss to some teeth will surprise your man and excite his brain.”

I hope these tips on how to get your man dancing to your tune will n]be beneficial.

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