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Dominican Republic Mourns: 21 Lives Lost in Unprecedented Rainfall Tragedy



In a devastating turn of events, at least 21 people have lost their lives in the Dominican Republic over the weekend due to relentless heavy rain.

The capital, Santo Domingo, witnessed a horrific incident where a highway tunnel wall collapsed, claiming the lives of nine individuals. The aftermath of the torrential rain forced the evacuation of more than 13,000 residents to secure areas.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) reported widespread chaos, including flooded homes, power outages, and damaged infrastructure such as bridges and roads. Shockingly, three children were among the casualties, making the impact of this natural disaster even more heart-wrenching.

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Dominican Republic Mourns: 21 Lives Lost in Unprecedented Rainfall Tragedy

Dominican President Luis Abinader has declared this calamity as the “largest rainfall event ever” in the country’s history. Social media has been inundated with footage showing torrents of water engulfing streets and sweeping away vehicles, depicting the severity of the situation.

Rescue efforts have been underway, with more than 2,500 people saved and over 2,600 homes affected. The COE highlighted that 45 communities were left without communication as the rain persisted.

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The tropical depression responsible for this tragedy is predicted to continue affecting parts of the country into Monday, according to the US embassy. A significant number of provinces remain under red and yellow weather alerts, indicating ongoing danger.

Dominican Republic Mourns: 21 Lives Lost in Unprecedented Rainfall Tragedy

President Abinader has taken swift action, suspending classes until Wednesday to assess the impact on schools and ensure the safety of students. He expressed deep shock over the loss of life and extended unconditional support to those affected.

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In a tragic twist, four of the victims were US nationals, and three hailed from neighboring Haiti, emphasizing the widespread impact of this natural disaster on both local and international communities.

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