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Christian Council Endorses The Use Of The Military To Intimidate Ghanaians Who Support Their Opponents



Christian Council Endorses The Use Of The Military To Intimidate Ghanaians Who Support Their Opponents

It is no news that the voter’s registration exercise has been marred with many instances of a “deliberate agenda of tribal discrimination,…to frustrate and disenfranchise Ghanaians of certain tribes from acquiring Voter ID Cards that will qualify them to exercise their democratic right to choose a President and Members of Parliament on 7th December 2020”.

This is very evident in the Volta Region, specifically the Ketu South District and the Banda in the Bono region, where there are Voltarians there who are perceived to vote against the ruling government.

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There are confirmed reports and videos where Voltarians who can not speak Twi or Ga but only Ewe are told by the military personels not to register.

There are also reports from Banda where Voltarians who have lived there all their lives are being prevented from registering to vote.

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However, the NPP has said that the NDC has resorted to undermining the simple, civil and peaceful exercise of voter registration into one of ethnocentrism through outright fabrications, needless exaggerations and old-fashioned fear-mongering and propaganda tactics.

There is a loud public outcry from the general public to get leaders to address the unfortunate issue but the president publicly stated that he has absolutely no knowledge of any incident at any polling station in the country.

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Surprisingly, the Christian Council of Ghana has come out to say that God will deal with politicians using tribalism to score political points.

In an interview with Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show, Chairperson of the Christian Council, Rev. Professor Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante noted that the use of tribalism to win political points is not a new tactic used by politicians.

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“Tribalism in politics is not a new thing. Since we have a lot of tribes in Ghana, any time there will be any political process, people will trigger tribalism. However, the leaders in politics and anyone who has studied political science knows that at a point, when you feel you are losing out in politics, tribalism can help. So they know how to use that tactic”, he said.

While he prayed that these politicians repent from their ways, he was confident that those who did not will face God’s wrath. “These are all political tricks and for the politicians engaging in that I pray that they will repent or else God will deal with them. We have only one Ghana. Anyone who uses tribalism to destroy our country will be dealt with by God”, he added.

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From an objective point of view, the Cristian Council is corroborating with the NPP.

It can therefore be inferred that the Cristian Council endorses politicians using the military and others to visit injustices on those that predominantly support their opponents.

Instead of investigating with righteousness the cry of those enduring injustice, because ours is a system of patronage where one must be in the good books of the King to enjoy some of the electoral spoils, truth is far even from the hearts and lips of those who should be demonstrating the love of Christ to the world.

The God we know isn’t a dubious spirit. He hates injustice and saves the oppressed from the hands of their oppressors. That’s what Samuel Eshun should remind himself of.
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