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How to make Money Online in Ghana



How to make Money Online in Ghana

In this trying times of COVID-19, many companies which will not support employees working from home had to adopt remote working not only due to safety of the workforce but also due to worldwide government restrictions and recommendation from World Health Organisation(WHO). The economic impact of the Coronavirus on the global economy is so devastating that, reports on the economic performance of middle income and low income countries are not encouraging. This suggests massive job cuts for various industries across the world particularly for most African countries where so far  there have been no reports of government interventions to sustain companies to pay workers. Unlike elsewhere like UK, US and European Union who have announced stimulus packages to minimize job losses.

As seen from above, job losses are definitely inevitable in this COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, we provide alternatives to how to stay employed by introducing readers to how to make money online in Ghana. As this self isolation moment is making may people acquainted with remote working, this write up provides an opportunity to explore online jobs in ghana to keep people who might lose their jobs, self employed. For the lucky ones who still keep their jobs, it is worth reading further as this could be an opportunity to make residual income in Ghana.

In the next section, tried and tested ways to make money online in ghana and expounded. Tips on how to redeem money you make online are highlighted.

Use Top High Paying Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online In Ghana
This is an affiliate marketing program that allows people to make money by linking potential buyers to products offered by merchants. For more than 2 decades, Clickbank has been at the forefront of global delivery of awesome products to customers. As a large online retailer with millions of assorted products, Clickbank utilizes the power of innovative digital marketing to serve over 200 million customers globally.

But how do you make money with Clickbank? It starts with creating an account on; an endless product list would then be available for you to promote and earn a decent income. By doing background checks of the gravity score of a particular product, you would be more informed about its popularity in the market. Clickbank supports flexible payment options such as Payoneer and Wire Transfer.

Amazon Associates
This is another rewarding affiliate marketing provider. Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, it’s possible to make good money with Amazon Associates — provided you expend the needed effort into it.

The fact is that Amazon Associates is more profitable to pricey products. If on the other hand, you want to promote inexpensive products, then you need to be good at driving huge traffic to your site. The more sales you make, the higher your earnings.

In order to keep on earning a commission, the content of your website shouldn’t violate Amazon policies. The application process is easy: submit your high traffic website to them and wait for approval. Once your approval goes through successfully, then you start gaining commissions when people make purchases with your link. Minimum threshold for payment is $100. Payment options include direct deposit, gift certificates and check.

Bluehost is a leading web-hosting service provider. Their affiliate program pays $65 for each unique customer who signs up for their service using your affiliate link. Bluehost has a highly responsive customer support team who are always available to assist clients at any moment. To join this affiliate program. Minimum payment is $100; payment methods are PayPal and Wire Transfer.

The ShareASale affiliates network gives website owners an opportunity to promote products and earn commissions on sales. When you apply to be an affiliate, ShareASale may accept you into their network, but some merchants (the product retail companies) may decline your offer. But the good news is: in case of rejection, you can always turn your attention to other merchants. Minimum payment is $50; payment options include Payoneer and Direct deposit.

CJ Affiliate
If you have a reputable website with enough traffic volume, this is another way to rake in profits online through affiliate marketing. Application for CJ Affiliates is competitive since they deal with big advertisers. But no one can predict your future, except you. You may find it easy to get an approval to join the CJ network, but don’t be hopeless if your application gets rejected by advertisers.

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Minimum payment is $50; Payoneer and direct deposit are some of the payment options.

Promote Your Affiliate Links

Use Blogging To Promote Your Affiliate Links
Making money with affiliate marketing is easier when you have a personal blogging website. The only problem is that it takes a great deal of time and knowledge to create a successful blog. The first step towards your affiliate marketing journey starts with creating a well-defined blog with a marketable niche.

Your niche summarizes the area (topic of interest) you intend to educate your audience on. For instance, it could be a blog about relationships, news, fitness coaching, product review, and so on.

Even if you don’t know how to code, creating a blog isn’t a complex process. You could do that by purchasing a web domain and hosting on Bluehost. The next procedure involves the installation of WordPress and customization. Using free blogging platforms like Google Blogger, isn’t a great idea to succeeding in blogging; the capabilities of Google Blogger are limited. It’s always better to register a domain, buy web-hosting and install WordPress and create your blogs.

When your blog is fully ready, periodically upload high quality content on the particular niche you have chosen to write on. You may also want to learn how to use SEO to boost traffic to your website. A blogging website with little to no traffic won’t fetch you any better income from affiliate links.

If you manage to drive enough traffic to your website, then you can begin applying to the affiliate marketing providers like Amazon Associates, Bluehost, ShareASale and CJ Affiliates.

Use YouTube for Affiliate Marketing
YouTube offers an alternative path to affiliate marketing. This is convenient for people who don’t have their own popular websites, but are skillful at creating video content. Use your email address to create a free channel on YouTube; for instance, a product review channel.

Upload high quality videos reviewing products you are knowledgeable about (e.g phones and laptops). As you slowly gain significant number of views and subscribers, you could apply to monetize your channel and start earning some dollars through Google AdSense.

Now back to the affiliate marketing on YouTube — it’s an easy process. Copy your Amazon affiliate link (or any other affiliate link) and paste it in the description box of your videos. When viewers get convinced by your reviews and follow your link to purchase an item, then you bingo! — you earn income to supplement your YouTube AdSense account.

Use Cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) to make Money Online in Ghana
Cryptocurrency is virtual money; it’s an encrypted electronic money that roams on the internet. Cryptocurrencies are different from the normal physical cash we spend daily; but the good news — it’s possible to convert cryptocurrencies into cash or Fiat. Built on the blockchain, bitcoin (BTC) is just one popular example of cryptocurrencies. But what’s a blockchain? The blockchain acts like a public online ledger book that records bitcoins transactions. Bitcoins have wallets and addresses.

When it was first introduced in 2009 by one anonymous programming guru, known as Satoshi Nakamoto, one Bitcoin was far less than $1. But as we speak today in 2019, one Bitcoin hovers around $7381 (GHS 42071). Apart from Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) such as ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), monero (XLM) and so on.

Due to the price instability (high volatility) of bitcoins, some people buy and hold BTC till the price goes up — before they sell it. But how do you buy and trade bitcoins in Ghana? Good question! But here’s the answer.

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Ghana
Bitcoins are sold online on decentralized exchanges. In Ghana, the following reputable websites offer a medium for buyers and sellers to meet and trade in bitcoins:, and

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How to Buy Bitcoins from Localbitcoins, Paxful, and Remitano
Localbitcoins, Paxful, and Remitano are all highly reputable and reliable websites that allow peer-to-peer bitcoin trading in over 200 countries worldwide, including Ghana. To buy bitcoins, one must create a verified account on the above websites by using an email address and a phone number. Then proceed to verify your identity and start trading.

When you create an account, you are automatically assigned a unique bitcoin address. After fully verifying your account, you can make your bitcoin purchase right away. The list of available offers (sellers and buyers) are displayed on the website. By clicking on the cheapest buyer or seller, you can enter the amount of bitcoins you want to buy or sell.

Localbitcoins, Remitano, and Paxful all have escrow systems to project both the buyer and seller from dubious deals. Once you place an order to buy bitcoins, the specified amount of bitcoins are deducted from the seller’s account and locked up in safe escrow. A live chat box opens up for a secured communication between the buyer and seller.

Interested in Remitano trading

When you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the seller, ask for payment details (usually Mobile Money Number, Bank account, PayPal, etc.). Make payment and click “I Have Paid”. When the seller confirms your payment, the bitcoins are then released to your wallet.

NB: You can also set your own buy order or sell order and wait for an interested trading partner to click on your advert.

Now in December 2019, 1 Bitcoin (BTC) is about = GHC 42000. That’s huge! You may not be able to afford that. But hopefully, you can buy bitcoins in bits like 0.01 BTC, 0.005 BTC and so on. That’s affordable.

There are two main ways to make money with bitcoins:

Buy bitcoins when the price goes down; and only sell when the price shoots up. Bitcoin is a very fluctuating cryptocurrency. The price changes minutely, hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Assuming you buy 0.01 BTC for GHS 500 and keep till BTC price goes up, you can sell and make about 600 – GHS 1000.
Day to Day Trading
Another way to make money is by trading bitcoins daily on exchanges, and

This technique involves buying from cheap sellers and reselling BTC to others at high prices.

NB: Bitcoins can be transferred from one wallet to the other. If you want to buy or sell bitcoins on bigger decentralized exchanges worldwide, then go to,, Bittrex, Cryptopia and so on.

How to get paid for your Online Jobs in Ghana
Making money online is one of the most fulfilling jobs a Ghanaian job seeker can bask in. Even though the internet is bringing real money to the pockets of self-employed graduates, there are real challenges with respect to the withdrawal of online earnings and payment for online services. Having explored the numerous online jobs in ghana, one key challenge is how to access payments. Due to certain technological limitations as well as security issues surrounding online payments, most people find it very difficult to get payouts from some of the aforementioned online business. Thus it is prudent people explore the payment options available for any online business first so one doesn’t get caught up in a situation where hard earned most cannot be transferred to your bank account or MoMo account in Ghana. PayPal and Perfect Money are payment options that will break the barriers of your online business transactions. Moreover, It’s also possible to buy bitcoins in Ghana by using Perfect Money and PayPal.

That being said, let us consider some tried and tested ways to cash ou your monies from online jobs in ghana. Even though some may not be straight forward, it is worth trying that your monies getting stuck!.

Use PayPal Account or Perfect Money Account in Ghana
Why Should you Create a Perfect Money Account and PayPal Account in Ghana?
The reason is that if you are dealing with global business partners (customers in different parts of the world), you need flexible payment methods such as Perfect Money and PayPal. The local Ghanaian currency (cedi) can also be used to fund these accounts.

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Perfect Money is an internet-based international money transfer service provider that supports major currencies like US Dollars ($), Euro (€), and Pound Sterling (£). A Perfect Money or PayPal account will assist you to receive and make payments to over 200 countries globally. With these payment systems, money can be transferred instantly and securely over the internet. The section below gives straight steps on how to create a perfect money account in ghana or PayPal account in ghana.

How To Create A Perfect Money Account, Add Fund And Withdraw Online In Ghana
The sign up process for Perfect Money Account in Ghana is simplified below.

Click on the Perfect Money sign up link. An online form will open up for you to fill in the following detail as shown in the image below.

Account Name
Your Personal Full Name
City Address
Zip/Postal Code
Email Address
Phone Number/Fax
Choose Your Account Preference: Business or Personal Account
Confirm Password
Agree to the Terms and Conditions
Click on “Register”
After creating your Perfect Money account, you can deposit or add funds by clicking on “Deposit” and “Certified Exchange Partners”. From there, choose a convenient funding option such as Western Union, MoneyGram, MasterCard, VISA, etc.

Money can be withdrawn to your bank by clicking on the “Withdrawal” option and filling in the required details.

How To Create A Verified PayPal Account In Ghana
PayPal is an international money transfer company that allows businesses and individuals to easily transfer money or receive payments online by using an email address. It’s also the easiest way to purchase goods online, as well as receiving payments on a website.

NB: Due to previous issues about scamming, PayPal technically blacklisted Ghana from legal access to their services. But there is a way out to creating a workable PayPal account in Ghana, without any hustle. Why is this possible? The reason is that PayPal blacklisted Ghana and other African countries, but Kenya and Mozambique have full access to PayPal services. It means that a Ghanaian can register an account by visiting or

This makes sense because some Kenyan citizens visit Ghana, so PayPal cannot deny them access to their services when they are in Ghana. After all, we all Africans.

Click here to create your PayPal account. You will have to use your real name, Ghanaian ID, Ghanaian Phone number, address, email address, and other necessary details. If you are confused about which option is best (i.e Personal or Business Account), I recommend a business account if you want more capabilities like adding credit or debit card. Personal accounts are meant for shopping, or receiving & making payments.

How to Withdraw PayPal Funds in Ghana

After creating your PayPal Personal or Business Account, you can withdraw funds to your bank account by adding a debit card such as UBA AfriCard to your PayPal account. You can also use this debit card to verify your account.

Another way to withdraw PayPal funds in Ghana is by using your PayPal balance to buy bitcoins from or Over there, you can then sell the bitcoins directly for Mobile Money in Ghana cedis. This is easy, isn’t it?

That’s It, folks! Have a good time making money online in Ghana.

Concluding Comment

With the evolving global economy, such an unprecedented shift in staying gainfully employed will keep rearing its ugly heads worldwide. And it is very critical to stay abreast with unconventional legitimate ways of making a living or making passive income. Apart from making an income from online jobs in ghana, people can also have full control over their time as what one typically requires is a reliable laptop and internet. Thus online jobs have no restriction of where to work as you are always able to work on the move! In summary, the proposed ways to earn extra income in Ghana or globally including but not limited to Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Freelance Writing, and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) trading, Photography and many more.


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Genevive Ocansey Writes: The Mining Sector During Economic Challenges -Ghana and Emerging Markets



Ghana was called the Gold Coast prior to independence because of its rich deposits of gold and other minerals. Till date those rich natural resources deposits in gold, bauxite and other minerals are present and in 2019, the World Bank reported that gold was included in Ghana’s top three main export commodities.

Mineral and mining activities in Ghana is not only beneficial to the nation but also to investors and stakeholders in the mining industry. The economic challenges faced globally due to the recent health pandemic has negatively impacted many sectors, However, while there are restructuring and plans for recovery for these challenges globally, price and production of gold and other minerals appear to be steadily climbing back to normal trends.

The Ghana Chamber of Mines reported that in 2019, mining and quarrying were products that attributed to the increased GDP for the country and that the shipment of manganese and Bauxite increased in 2019 due to operational improvement.

Investors can be assured that mining production and revenue in Ghana is on target to continue to provide revenue and profit for their investment. As the leading exporter of gold production in Africa (after overtaking South Africa in 2018), Ghana is expected to continue its dominance in Africa after the Ashanti Gold Obuasi mines bounced back in January 2020 after nearly two years of being non-operational. It is also worth noting the importance of small-scale mining, which is reserved for nationals as contributors to mineral production and revenue for Ghana’s mineral sector.

Legal and Fiscal Regime Contributions

In Ghana, the mining industry is regulated by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The implementation and administration of policies that govern the industry is the responsibility of the Minerals Commission.

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For a foreign investor interested in conducting business in the Mining industry, they must first comply with the Ghana Investment Promotion Center,(GIPC) Act 2013 (Act 865), thereafter the main legislations are the Ghana Minerals and Mining Act 2006 (Act 703) as amended by Minerals and Mining Amendment Act (Act 900), and the Minerals and Mining Regulations LI 2167 (2012).

These legal frameworks provide great incentives to investors and additionally protects small-scale mining. These laws have provided investors with the stability that a country needs to attract investors, thus despite the challenges that other sectors have had to grapple with, the mining sector will continue to perform and have a positive impact on the GDP and economic growth.

With African countries relying heavily on their natural resources for economic development, an attractive fiscal regime is key for foreign investment.

Equatorial Guinea, one of the top oil-producing countries in Africa, has recently granted mining concessions to foreign companies to begin the prospection and exploration of minerals following the country’s successful first mining bidding round held last year. It’s a legal framework, the Mining Law of Equatorial Guinea (2006) and recently published a new regulatory framework is focused on providing investors with the fiscal environment they seek before investing in a developing country.

Foreign Investors must ensure prudent procedure and due process is adhered to when making the choice to invest in Africa, for example in Ghana Article 268(1) of the 1992 Constitution requires that Parliament must ratify any mining lease granted to a mining company. Ghana’s Supreme Court in the case of Republic v High Court, Accra Ex parte Exton Cubic Group Ltd J5/40/2018 (unreported), recently affirmed this, thus resulting in a purported mining lease to Exton Cubic being declared invalid.

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To the extent that mining has resultant environment considerations, a holder of a license or lease before undertaking any mining activity must additionally obtain the necessary permits and approvals from the Forestry Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency (which ensures environmental health and safety standards are adhered to), and the Water Resources Commission.

Mining companies are subject to fiscal regimes such as corporate tax of 35%, capital gains tax of 15%, a withholding tax of 15% and a capital allowance of 20% for 5 years. The ground rents, property rates and mineral right fees are payable as prescribed by Regulations. Royalties of 3-6% of mining revenue obtained are also payable.

Mining Companies are given exemptions from paying customs duty, Value Added Tax (VAT) and National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL) on plant, machinery, equipment and accessories imported specifically and exclusively for the mineral operation. The staff of mining companies may be granted exemption from income tax payment if their furnished accommodation is provided at the mine site and expatriate employees may also be exempted from tax payable on money transferred outside Ghana.

In order to realize the full benefits from the mining sector, the Minerals Income Investment Fund (MIIF) Act, 2018 (Act 978) (the “Fund Act”) was passed. The Act was passed to hold and manage the mining company equity interests of the Republic, receive mineral royalty revenues due from mining operations, and provide for the management and investment of the assets of the MIIF.

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In 2019, the Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) was established. GIADEC commenced a three Round Investor engagement process aimed at identifying strategic investors for the three main sectors of the Aluminium industry namely, mining, refining, and smelting. This is to enhance private sector participation in the sub-sector and revamp the entire Aluminium value chain in the country.

Local Content is prevalent in the mining industry. Excluding foreign participation in small-scale mining provides great opportunities for indigenous Ghanaians and that has served as a guaranteed employment source in these critical times. Ghanaian companies are also given preference in the supply of goods and provide services to the mining companies.


Social Responsibility is a very important and critical role of Mining companies. Mining Companies must not only ensure compliance of all regulations, they must be involved in the responsibility of developing the communities they operate in and should participate in the funding of projects in their communities.

Ghana continues to play an important role in the global production of minerals and mining and one expects nothing less in 2020 despite the challenges from the pandemic. Investors can be assured of a robust and stable environment to operate.

-Genevive Ocansey

(Managing Partner; G&G and Associates)

Phone : +233 302 96 1036 | +233302 78 8334



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How to Make Money with Google AdSense Account in Ghana 2020



How to Make Money with Google AdSense Account in Ghana 2020

If you are a Ghanaian blogger or a YouTuber, it’s high time you learned how to make money with Google AdSense account in Ghana 2020. The blogosphere is a huge industry on its own. 

Popular Ghanaian bloggers such as Zion Felix, Ameyaw Debrah, and Jet Sanza, are making it big full-time blogging jobs in ghana. The internet has free money for everyone, but if you don’t know how to look for your money, your money will not look for you. 

That said, there are minor glitches to be faced once you make up your mind to make money online. It turns out blogging is a highly competitive industry. Penetrating through this competition barrier requires a lot of effort. 

But once your digital content is all set up, and your traffic is beginning to take form, monetizing your blog or channel is a witty idea. After all, you invest so much time, money, and skills to create your content.

Welcome to the show! I’m a great writer, a tech-geek, a digital fanatic, and above all — an experienced blogger who is here to guide you on how to make money with Google AdSense account In Ghana 2020. 

Before we explore that, let’s first understand what Google AdSense is all about.

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What is a Google AdSense Account?

In summary, Google AdSense is an advertising network owned and managed by Google Inc — the tech giant behind the Google Search Engine.

Though it’s not the only ad network for monetizing blogs, Google AdSense is comfortably leading the other ad networks, thanks to Google’s fame and name.

The Google AdSense program was created to provide monetization opportunities for online content creators (website publishers) who want targeted adverts to be shown on their websites. 

When your visitors (audience) click/view the adverts displayed on your website, you make some small money on each ad. 

If your website has a huge web traffic, more people will be clicking on the ad links, meaning that more money will flow into your bank account.

The Google AdSense teams manage and control the ads featured on your website. But for the most part, the type of ads shown will depend on the type of content you create. Overall, your niche will also influence your AdSense earnings.

How to Apply for a Google AdSense Account Ghana

You don’t need to pay any money to Google Inc before you can apply for an AdSense account in Ghana; it’s free. To apply for a Google AdSense account in Ghana, you need a gmail address and any of the following: a website (blog), YouTube channel,  and Google Play Store app.

How Does Google AdSense Account Work in Ghana?

The Google ads network program works on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. This means, advertisers pay some amount of money to Google AdSense for each valid click on the ads.  Google then pays you (the web publisher) about 70% the cost-per-click rate offered by the advertiser.

When you apply for an AdSense account and get accepted, you will have to copy a JavaScript code from AdSense, and paste it into the admin panel of your website. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be a programming geek to paste codes.

Google will handle the display of the adverts while you create more content to make your money online from AdSense in Ghana.

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How to Get Your Ghana Google AdSense Account Approved Fast

The Google AdSense team is very strict when it comes to what content can be monetized with their network. Integrity is of the utmost importance to them. 

So, don’t think that you can create inappropriate content and monetize them with AdSense. They manually review all applications before accepting or rejecting them. 

How long does it take to get your AdSense account approved? It can take a few weeks, and sometimes months before you get a response from AdSense.

Here is how to apply for Google Adsense and get quick approval in Ghana.

Make Great Content

Having set up your website, the next thing you want to do is to create useful content. High-quality content will get more people attracted to your website. Your content (videos, or blog posts) should be unique and original; not stolen content.

Want to get your Ghana AdSense account approved fast? It’s advisable to have at least 25 good blog posts of about 500–1000 words each. 

Install a Good Website Theme

The beauty of your website can also determine whether it should be rejected by AdSense or not. A good theme makes navigation around a website easier, and that’s what AdSense wants — professionally designed websites with pages on your “About” , “Privacy Policies” and “Contact Us”.

Fill in Correct User Details (Information)

When signing up for AdSense in Ghana, ensure that you provide correct details for the following:

  1. Website address
  2. Your full name
  3. Business name
  4. Mailing address
  5. Gmail address
  6. Phone number

Submit your application on time

After filling in all the required details, proceed to submit your application as soon as possible. If you’re lucky and nothing is amiss about your website content, Google AdSense can approve your application within 2-3 days after submission.

But if all does not go well, and you get rejected by AdSense, you can reapply 3-4 weeks later, after making the necessary adjustments to your website.

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How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings in Ghana

Here are the steps to follow when you want to make more money with Google AdSense account in Ghana 2020.

  • Position your ad units appropriately (make them visible)
  • Embed ads inside each blog post
  • Use both text and image ads
  • Enlarge your ad sizes
  • Optimize your ad layouts from time to time

How Much Money Can You Make From Google Adsense In Ghana?

As far as I know, there is no limitation on how to make money with Google AdSense account In Ghana 2020. You can make tens of thousands of Us dollars to hundreds of thousands of Ghana cedis.

However, the minimum payout is $100 (about GHC 560). During the application process, you don’t have to submit your bank account details for payment.  

That can be done later when you make your first $10. When you pass through the payment verification process successfully, you can withdraw your AdSense funds in Ghana through checks, bank transfers, Payoneer, etc.

Conclusive Thoughts

If you’re a blogger who is serious about how to make money with Google AdSense account in Ghana 2020, this article has answered your prayers. Making your first GHS 500 from AdSense can be a nightmare. But if you work for it,  you can get it. The rest of your story will see you make tons of money from AdSense to live the rich life.

Before you walk away, here are 4 more important things to note about how to make money with Google AdSense account in Ghana.

  • Resist the temptation to click on your own adverts — the AdSense algorithms are smarter than you.
  • Do not use robots (or fake people) to click on your ads; AdSense will catch you.
  • Let your content be original; not copied and pasted blog posts or videos.
  • Mind your featured images — Google AdSense doesn’t tolerate image copyright violations.
  • AdSense reserves the right to kick you out of their affiliate program anytime. That’s if you keep violating their policies. Always have a plan B (a secondary source of income).

Have a question on how to make money with Google AdSense account in Ghana 2020? Leave a comment below, and I’ll answer you. Thanks for reading. Please stay safe from Covid-19. 


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