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Akufo-Addo Didn’t Solve Galamsey, He Rather Made It Exclusive For His People



If Akufo-Addo Had Conscience, He Wouldn't Lie In Parliament That Ghana No Longer Imports Tomatoes – Apaak Fumes

Mr. President, please, what’s the Galamsey Dialogue supposed to achieve?

What new observations or recommendations did the dialogue did that you and your numerous appointees didn’t have or know already? Tell us, shameless Black African leaders, who continue to kill the little hope left of your people.

Do we need dialogue to fight galamsey after you people told us you’ve successfully done about 85% of the work without this waste of money you call dialogue?

We all know that you’ve failed at fighting galamsey.

You only made it an exclusive enterprise for your people. We aren’t stupid like you think. We know what happened and what’s going on. What happened to Ekow Ewusi’s case?

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Didn’t Osafo Marfo ask us about what Ghana would gain from imprisoning Aisha Huang? What did Ghana and Mr. Marfo gain by letting her go? Tell us.

What happened to that alleged John Boadu’s driver caught in Joy News giving security people ghs40,000 for food and water when he’s arrested?

What happened to Charles Bissue’s tips in bundles case?

Mr. President, are these rumours or hearsays? You just don’t respect anybody in this nation, otherwise, you wouldn’t tell the entire nation some of the things you say carelessly sometimes.

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Or, do we need dialogue to investigate those soldiers who were caught in the news providing security to galamseyers destroying our environment?

Do we need dialogue to give, you, Mr. President the required political will to fight galamsey?

Didn’t you tell us that you’ve placed your job on the line?

When did you take it back without telling us?

You’ve disgraced yourselves in Government. Shame on you. You’re too corrupt and incompetent to fight galamsey successfully. Posterity has exposed you disgracefully.

This is the truth many citizens are afraid to tell you. They’re spineless cowards who talk in private so don’t think they’re happy with your failure.

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Today, Osafo Marfo who left Aisha Huang off the hook with that nonsensical question has moved from Senior Minister to Presidential Advisor. Charles Bisue, the man who took tips in bundles to facilitate mining operations is still a Presidential Staffer.

Mr. President, you’re a very big disappointment with respect to the galamsey and corruption fight. Ah! Is this the Change of Hope you promised? It’s a pity.

No-nonsense Incorruptible leader, indeed. Ironic description of a super incompetent leader who always runs from responsibility.

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